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Seemingly Endless Wait

Two years I waited to call you my own,
And now time quickly ticks down until I'm alone.

I helplessly waited while you sold your soul to the enemy.
I waited and wondered what would be your destiny.

"Sorry to make you wait," you half-heartedly said.
"I'd wait for you forever," was what I thought in my head.

Our time together is so short--seems to matter only to me.
I want to kiss you, want to hold you, want to love you for eternity.

If you want me to wait, just tell me you do.
I'll wait here with a smile if it means a future with you.

I want to do anything and everything to help you and please you.
I'd suffer, kill, die, and be your little masochist if you wished me to.

Just ask and it's done, no questions to be asked,
But would you still want me after so much time has passed?

If it's okay that I wait, please let me know.
I'll do whatever you want, even if it means letting go.