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Cemetery Shadows

A black figure,
Creeping through the cemetery,
Moving ever so slowly,
Trying so hard to scare me.

My fears soon exhumed,
As I feel my trembles quake,
And I watch it sluggishly move,
It's an oddity in it's wake.

Death and darkness surrounds me.
The silence of tonight astounds me.
As this graceful creature nears,
I know that it can feel my fears.

Cloaked in black, it glides with grace.
Looking closer, it has no face.
It's shape, it's outline won't stay the same.
I hope it's act is all just a game.

Teasing and taunting, it moves near and back,
No arms, or legs, or hair, just a mass of black.
He's getting too close and fear quickly overwhelms me.
I scream and suddenly, a light turns on behind me.

That is when I came to realization,
It was just, of my mind, a fabrication,
Just a night-provoked hallucination,
And a mear figment of my imagination.