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The pain of unquenched lust.
The sorrow of forgotten love.

How I wish I could relive it all.
And fix the mistakes that forced tears to fall.

I wish I had seen what had become of me.
The love I'd fallen into I did not see.

I enjoyed your company but had failed to realize,
That love had been there, hidden- infatuation it's disguise.

Black roses, cigarettes, candles, blue eyes, and a sensuous word.
All reminders of you and the lessons I've learned.

Take or be taken and give or be given away.
Realize and reach for what you want, for things may change.

These things won't stay.

And now I pray,

That maybe one day,

I'll see you again,

And forget the pain,

Of love unquenched and stained,

Of lust and this aching strain,

To hold you once again.

All I want is one more time. A few words. A moment.
To say what I've been meaning to tell you all this time,

That I love you and I'll always remember the things you've shown me. The way you kissed me. The way you wanted me.

And that my unquenched aching love for you will endure and in my heart there will always be a place for you.