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Black Roses

Black Roses,
That fire in your eyes,
You knew what you were doing,
And it made me hurt,
From the love I tried to hide.

Black Roses,
You had no idea how I felt,
I wanted you so bad,
And the more I waited,
The more I made myself mad.

Black Roses,
I didn't know it happened,
But somehow I fell in love with you,
And oh how it hurts,
To know that now there is nothing I can do.

Black Roses,
They make me think of you,
And I hate the thought that I missed my chance,
I wish I could see you just one more time,
Just one last moment. Just one last dance.

Black Roses,
I thought of it at first as lust,
But time proved me wrong,
I wanted more than flesh,
But now all I have is a memory and a wish.

Black Roses.