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So Strange A Dream

What does it mean?
So strange a dream.

You had it too.
What's it mean to you?

So anxious to get to the store.
To buy what? A door.

We opened the door with such fascination,
But beyond it was no destination.

We saw a room through it's strange portal,
An eerie sight to a cautious mortal.

It said not to go through the door because nothing was there,
And we heeded it's words with a slight of terror.

A poem it sang to us on it's amber screen,
But it's words were not for remembering.

Just it's point so clearly made,
Before we awoke, our dream to fade.

It said, "don't go through the door,
For beyond the door is nothing more."

Brown and white. No other colors to be seen.
So long ago, took place the dream.

A beautiful dream, yet so mysterious.
It's setting so extraneous.

And it had a purpose. We know it did.
But what? It's meaning remains well hid.

What does it mean?
So strange a dream.