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Your Eyes

Your eyes are the color of the night sky. A shadow.
The color of leaves in late autumn.
A color so deep that the sight punctures my soul,
And causes my senses to become disoriented.

Your eyes are two lost souls searching for answers
in the heat of the scorching sun in a vast desert.
They walk for hours but to no avail, and when the night falls
they are left naked on the sand under a sky blanketed with stars.

Your eyes have a deep, yet blank appearance.
And they tell a story if you look hard enough.
They tell of all the put-downs you've heard and of the pain you've suffered.
But they also tell of all the good things you long for or may already have.

Your eyes are normal yet unique.
They are as beautiful as the sunset over an ocean horizon.
Or a lonely star,
in the middle of a deep, dark, night sky.

Your eyes hold your sight, and what you see through them is greater
than what people view from the outside.Your eyes have seen much.
They have seen love and they have seen life,
They have seen weakness and they have seen sorrow.

But your eyes haven't quite seen it all.
Maybe someday you'll see the world and maybe then you'll be satisfied.
Or you'll cry yourself to sleep every night there after, and drown your eyes.
I'm not sure that your eyes will ever be ready for the world and it's hate.

Your eyes, I'm sure, though strong, can't handle the world.
Nobody would want to live any more if they knew what would be seen if they saw earth in it's entirety.
I wouldn't dare expose your eyes to that. People are the cruelest of creatures.
Just be glad nobody lives long enough to see it all anyway.

The blind are lucky.