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~To Jordan~

Well, Jordan wanted me to give him a list of reasons why I loved him and I thought it would be even better for me to tell the world as well as him. So, I made a page that contains not only my reasons for loving him, but also links to poems I've written for him and other neat stuff. Here it is 8)

~Why I Love Jordan~

1) He's very intelligent.
2) He's very creative.
3) He's a sweetheart.
4) He loves me.
5) He's independant.
6) His beliefs are similar to mine.
7) Everything he does fascinates me.
8) His words are like poetry.
9) He's trustworthy.
10) He's open with me about his thoughts and feelings.
11) I'm very hard to impress.. and I'm impressed!
12) He listens to me.
13) He's helped me more than he'll ever realize.
14) He makes me smile nomatter what mood I'm in.
15) He pays attention to me when I need it most.
16) His voice is soothing.
17) His (what he would call) "faults" are endearing.
18) He worries about me.
19) He trusts me.
20) He is a lot like me in every way that matters.
21) Etc, Etc, Etc.

~Poems written for, about, or including Jordan~

"So Strange A Dream"
"I Love You More"
"My Dear Twisted Prince of Darkness"
"With All That I Am"
"Mr. Frost"
"The Music of Dreams"

~Our Song~

Smashing Pumpkins-By Starlight

~Jordan's Pics~

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6
Pic 7
Pic 8
Pic 9
Pic 10
Pic 11

~Jordan's Sites~

~The Dark Reaction~<

~Death Art~

~Our Cyber Wedding~

~The Invitation~
I saved the invitation that I made. Now you get to see it.

~The Log~
Thanks to my friend Sarah and her handy puter I have the log from our cyber wedding. Thanx Sarah!!

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