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Imperial Cancer Research Fund

Imperial Cancer Research Fund strives relentlessly to advance our understanding of cancer and to find new treatments and cures. Their constant aim is to bring hope to all people facing cancer.

There is no quick solution. No easy cure. But day by day, month by month, they're making small advances that bring big changes to the lives of everyone touched by cancer. They're helping to prevent cancer through improving their understanding of its causes. Their doctors and scientists work tirelessly on new treatments - dramatically improving the quality of life for people with cancer, and helping them to lead active lives for longer. And of course, through years of dedicated work, they're finding new ways to cure cancer, saving thousands of lives and bringing hope to so many people.

Imperial Cancer Research Fund is the largest independent cancer research institute in Europe. Their scientists and doctors - there are over 1,000 of them - are among the best in the world. They work in teams to produce leading-edge results, but they also work together with other cancer organisations worldwide, pooling knowledge and gaining vital information in return, in order to reach new answers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Significant progress is being made. Today more than 70% of children with the most common form of childhood leukaemia can be cured. Over 9 out of 10 men with testicular cancer are cured. The survival rate for breast cancer has increased by 10% in the last 10 years. And their aim is that by the year 2020, the death rate for cancer will be cut by at least a third.

All this success is thanks to people like yourself. Because it's your generosity in funding their research that fuels the progress against cancer. Scientists and doctors, volunteers and supporters are all working together towards a common goal - the quest to find new answers to cancer.

Live Action

Live Action is the Adventure Fundraising Club of Imperial Cancer Research Fund. Through events such as the London and New York marathons and overseas treks and bike rides, Live Action raises substantial funds for the research programmes of Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

During the past year over 700 people have supported Live Action, raising in excess of £650,000.

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