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Welcome to my website! My name is Victoria Butler. Next February, I will be taking part in a 100km Himalayan Trek organised by Live Action, the adventure fundraising club of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. I have created this site in order to keep in touch with my sponsors and hopefully attract new ones! If you haven't already sponsored me and would like to, please e-mail me. Do it now before you forget! I promise that every penny I receive from sponsorship will go to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Latest News

I'm back and I survived! In a few weeks, I will update this site, adding photos and my thoughts on Nepal and its people. The trek route was changed from the one described here due to unexpected snow, so I will update that page shortly. If you are someone who agreed to sponsor me but hasn't yet given me the money, please e-mail or phone me (if you have my number). All sponsorship money must be in by the end of March. Thanks for your help!


If you cannot see the heading "Himalayan Trek 19-29 February 2000" at the top of this page, click here to get into frames.