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Other items can be added to garments for an additional cost:

Small External Pockets $3.00
Large External Pockets $5.00
Internal Pockets $7.00
Stash Pocket (velcro included) $3.00 - $5.00
Cotton Lining - Pants $20.00
Cotton Lining - Shorts $10.00
Cotton Lining - Skirts/Dresses $10.00
Cotton Lining - Bottom of Shirt $5.00
Flannel Lining $25.00
Fleece Lining $25.00
Eyelet lace trim - Dresses/Skirts $10.00
Eyelet lace trim - Shirts $7.00
Plain Hem Strip $5.00
Patchwork Hem Strip $8.00


Other items not shown on this page are available!  We also make hairscarfs, purses, backpacks, bags, pillows, and curtains.  If there is something not shown on this page you'd like to order, just drop us a line and we'll work with you on it.  Starting prices for our miscellaneous items are as follows:


Solid Hairscarfs $10.00
Patchwork Hairscarfs $15.00
Wallets $10.00
Solid Purses $15.00
Patchwork Purses $25.00
Solid Messenger Bags $20.00
Patchwork Messenger Bags $40.00
Solid Shopping Bags $35.00
Patchwork Shopping Bags $55.00
Small Padded Pouches $5.00
Large Padded Pouches $10.00
Backpacks $45.00
Solid Pillows $15.00
Patchwork Pillows $25.00
Small Patchwork Bus Curtains $60.00
Large Patchwork Bus Curtains $50.00


If there's something you do not see here that you'd like, let us know!


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