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We know you'll love your new threads from Strange Designs, but don't just take our word for it!  Here are comments from some of the smiling faces who have purchased items from us. . .



…the colors are perfect as well! I can't wait to wear it out, I know I am going to get so many compliments, hehehe! Just love it! Thank you so much Fara, you are such a sweetie! You definitely out did yourself!

*Much love (and big smiles),
Kelly :0)))))


First I want you to know what a BIG smile I have on my face right now!!! I am absolutely glowing! Joe Bob must think I am nuts. I have put on all the clothes, and I love them all! You are just amazing girl! The flower on the blue dress is awesome! I am wearing that one now. It is so pretty! I absolutely love the strip dress. It is exactly how I wanted it! You sure did put a lot of work into this stuff. And the skirt and apron top are more than beautiful! PERFECT! I really like the silver stitching on them! VERY VERY PRETTY! The skirt is so spinny! Its great! And I love how you made the shirt! Girl you are the absolutely wonderful! You have made my day, and my week. I am off to go spin around the living room and go show my Mom and grandma these clothes cuz they have been listening to me talk about them for the past few weeks! As soon as you are ready to make some more for me, I know you are busy, I would like to order some more! BIG, HUGE HUGS for YOU!!!! Thanks SO much Fara!!!



I got my pants and assorted goodies today.  I am in love with my overalls and have not taken them off since I got them in the mail!  Let's start with the side panels.  Lovely!  They are so damn pretty and I liked the  way you did the star inserts between the patches.  The appliqués were total surprises.  Kokopelli was a total surprise!  He's awesome!  The angel is the bomb!  I love how she is flying off her block of fabric!  The little moons and stars around her rock!  The mushroom and the butterfly are the cutest ever; the blue polka dots are so cute.  The silver thread is totally worth hand washing.  All of the little stars make me so happy inside!  Fara, you did an awesome job, sistah!  Give yourself a big ol' hug for me.  So thank you so much!  You have no idea how happy my pants make me.  They are perfect for touring.  I never have to carry a bag again at a show!  Yippee!

Much Love,


My shirt came today and it is absolutely wonderful! Thank you SO much! I'm definitely going to order more stuff soon...the shirt fits perfectly and looks awesome! I showed it to my roommate and she likes it so much she wants to order some stuff too! Talk to you soon and thanks again!

Take care,


I wanted to email you personally to tell you how much I love the patch. it seriously looks sooooo good I can't even believe it. I had no idea what to expect, and what you send definitely wasn't anything I had ever thought of, which is why it is so damn cool! I just keep looking over at it laying on my pants and it is gonna be great! Also, I thought you'd get a kick out of knowing that if I fold under the extra blue fabric on the side and bottom of the patch, it fits *perfectly* on the pocket. you, my dear, rule. I can’t wait to sew it on!!! thanks again!

*mad hugs*


Oh my God, I love it sooooooooooooooooo much!!!  The colors are so pretty, and I love the fabric, and the stitching style for the shirt.  God, everything!  It's so beautiful!  It's just so amazing!  No doubt you're a talented mamma....  Ok, just one final thing, thank you thank you thank you!  It's amazing!

*Lots and Lotsa Love!*

More smiling faces and comments to come.
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