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KEVIN'S REVIEW: The space-like sounds of Hawkwind are very unique and creative. This offering from these space-rockers is solid, but not one of their best. I prefer the earlier albums from this band; the albums from "In Search Of Space" thru "Warrior On The Edge Of Time." On this album, some of the psychedelic creativity seems to be missing. There are several highlights, which include "Spirit Of The Age," "Damnation Alley," and the middle-eastern "Hassan I Sahba." Hawkwind is one of my favorite bands and a major influence on my musical tastes because of their psychedelic effects, but I rarely listen to this album, instead preferring their earlier masterpieces. "Quark" is recommended for true Hawkwind fans as an addition to their collection.

SEAN'S REVIEW: Psychedelic space-lords Hawkwind are at it again with "Quark, Strangeness, and Charm," a tripped-out ride through the multiverse. This album is a better-than-average Hawkwind opus; not extremely heavy but contagious in its groove. Hawkwind is such a weird band they are entertaining! Seriously, the production on "Quark" is excellent; making this album a truly hi-tech journey as well. High points include "Damnation Alley," the middle eastern "Hasson I Sahba," and the too-short "The Iron Dream." The entire album is very catchy, groove-oriented psychedelia. If you are a Hawkwind fan or just a fan of space rock in general, than this album will be a favorite.

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