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Uninterruptible Power Systems
A UPS Solution for All Your Back Up Power Needs

Top Ten Reasons Why a Toshiba UPS is the Solution of Choice:

-UPS with Highest Efficiency
-Wide Input Voltage
-High Crest Factor
-Electronic Power Factor Correction
-Overload Capabilities
-Clean Sine Wave
-Total Isolation
-Hot Swap Battery Packs
-SNMP/Web Based Monitoring
-Three Year On-Site Warranty

Contact Us to Find Out More About Optimizing Your Power Conditioning.

We Protect All Systems, Regardless of Size.
From PC's to IT and Media Networks and
Hospitals to Nationwide Data Centers.

Our knowledgeable representatives are ready to help and are available nationwide.
1600 Series

Feel free to contact me for further assistance
on protecting your critical network needs.
Thank you.

Tom Cox / Toshiba Rep. of N.J.

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