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The Rune`s

Below are the Rune`s arrangeed in the three Aets of the germanic Futhark..There deffinitions and literal translations.I made this page to help those interested in learning the Rune`s and enjoy in learning them as much as i have..enjoy


Fehu..Phonetic Value:F,V- This Rune Literally means cattle/gold..This Rune used to denote possesions and is used to determine wealth when it comes up in a reading it indicates finances and wealth earned and recieved..In a possitive light it indicates balance"give and take" a negative light it means loss and debt
Uruz..Phonetic Value:U- This Rune Literally means Aurochs/wild ox Bull..This Rune means strength and sheer willpower generally it means you are in a powerful position in life when drawn in a a positive light means health and well a negative light it indicates illness and weakness
Thurisaz..Phontic Value:TH- some call this The Hammer of Thor others call it Demon I`m not entirely positive at the multitude of meanings that have filtered down though in general this Rune means protection and defense of ourselves and our loved ones..when this Rune comes up in a reading in a somewhat positive usually indicates small iritations at the least that can be overcome becuase your being protected on a higher a more negative light it means there are disruptions and negative influences
Ansuz..Phonetic Value:A-This Rune literally means God/Godess or is the Rune of divine order and is the Rune of the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual endeavors and hidden a reading in a positive light it means eloquence and speech and thinking the issue through may get you free of a bad situation and or to listen closely to those around you who offer a negative light it means neglect of thought ignorance and miscommunication
Raidho..Phonetic Value:R-This Rune literally means ride or Journey and usually indicates travel long distance or a a positive lightit says you will be going on a long journey now this can also mean spiritually as well as physically.and in an orderly fashion..ina negative light it means disorganization and says to stay put and do not travel meaning abreakdown in communication or a means of travel,disorder
Kenaz..Phonetic Value:C,K-This Rune literally means light or torch and in it`s literal meaning enlightenment and wisdom as well as intelligence as well as a a positive light it means an opening and enlightenmentand the beginning of a new venture or can mean the birth of an idea or a negative light it means breakdown lack of control a self imposed cocoon creative blockage and atrophy lack of inner wisdowm and that you may be giving up control of your own life to another
Gebo..Phonetic Value:G-This Rune literally means gift or partnership and is seen as the gift given and recieved or an a reading well it indicates something given a gift and may be a gift that seals an important relationship or an oath such as marriage as well as thegift of freindship found
Wunjo..Phonetic Value:W-This Rune literally means joy,happiness,contentment harmony and a reading it usually means all things are good and there are positive developments ahead a time of quiet reprieve is indicated and the bond of family and freinds as well as the strenghtening of a relationship are a negative light it means social disharmony and being alone or the feeling of being out in the cold and may mean failure to interact with others in a positive way and social discord.meaning someone is out to sully your reputation or your saying things that make you look the fool instead of the sage
Hagalaz..Phonetic Value:H-This Rune literally means hail or rain and air..and can stand for a period of disruption or change and often denotes the upset of well laid a reading when this Rune comes up beware it indicates the destruction and death for the transformation and rebirth to solidify and begin again.
Nauthiz..Phonetic Value:N-This Rune literally means need/necessity in a positive light as a key note says no pain no gain.patience is a virtue during a time of need and oppresion things will pass as bad as they may seem at this time but you will eventually be able to a negatvie light it means failure and despair you may see insurmountable difficulties in wich you cant find solutions maybe getting what you need not what you want and are fighting this process.
Isa..Phonetic Value:I-This Rune literally means a reading it tells us that activities are slowing and coming to a standstill "the freeze is on" it is the freeze of any situation,circumstance or eventand means the coming of an end or perhaps the cooling of a relationship.
Jera..Phonetic Value:J-This Rune literally means year,cycle or turning and usually denotes a reading it suggests gradual long term improvement and change over the cycle of a year usually and rewards for hard work and enterprises that gradually pay off..time to gather the rewards of hard labor.
Eihwaz..Phonetic Value:EI-This Rune literally means transformation,change,closure.endurance to Any situation or even a a reading it fortells transformation that leads to closure.Strength, reliability, dependability,trustworthiness,Enlightenment,endurance.Defense, protection.providing motivation and a sense of purpose.but be careful a change is in the offing.
Perthro..Phonetic Value:P-This Rune literally means secret or mystery it symbolizes the lot used in games of chance and that used in casting as an a a positive light it signifies hidden secrets soon to be revealed or unexpected gaine from an unusual source it denotes a stroke of good fortune and destiny from seemingly nowhere the game of life is going your a negative indicates negative karma/wyrd in our lives wich brings bad luck and depression in it`s wake your making rash and foolhardy gambles and mistakes that are beginning to cost you maybe from a mysterious source..take no chances at this time.
Algiz..Phonetic Value:Z-This Rune literally means swan protection and guardian angel/spirit totem/ a reading in a positive light it tells us we are protected from negative influences on a spiritual level and may indicate a new freind or business opportunity such as a job your defenses are strong and negative energies are cast a negative light you are currently unprotected and vulnerable position time to take action and defend yourself unfreindly forces seem to have the upper hand at this time it says there is lack of vigilance and dishonesty..look before you leap.
Sowilo..Phonetic Value:S-this Rune literally means sun,success,perfection this rune indicates success and good a reading it tells you all things are good and you are on the correct path to successful acheivments all constraints and barriers are banished as you move foreward toward the light and the horizon to victory.
Tiwaz..Phonetic Value:T-this Rune literally and order..This rune in a reading positive light..justice by divine laws in the end the truth always wins out and fortells success and victory this is a rune of action and says high principles and loyalty to a promise will win out and signifies honorable a negative light .it says that a loss of integrity and falsehood lead to a breakdown in order loss of principle leads to failure you may have to fight for your honor and or be asked to do something against your principals Tyr reversed stands as a warning.
Berkano..Phonetic Value:B-this Rune literally means-Birth.growth and rebirth and is the divine symbol of the birch tree and of a reading and positive tells of a new beginning a birth of an idea or concept maybe drawing near for us it is associated with birth and feminine is a rune of birth wich may indicate the birth of a child and or concept and says to nurture it in spiritual growth so that all things may a negative light it fortells obstructions and barriers to the birth and growth of new life problems getting anything started or past the early stages of development..clean away the old and begin anew
Ehwaz..Phonetic Value:E-this Rune literally means- Horse.Movement through partnership In a reading In a positive light this Rune predicts an agreement made that will lead to movement not sitting idly by this agreement and positive movement will benefit both partners involved .whether it be a new apartment/house or a travel/journey whether by car or foot or other transportation and can generally mean relocation..In a negative light this rune fortells disharmony quarels discension or the break up of a valuable relationship maybe exerting a negative effect on you it is a forebearer fortelling us that to not hold grudges and let things go is the best possible solution
Mannaz..Phonetic Value:M-this Rune literally means-Human man..In a reading in a positive light this rune tells of the humans based society and how we live work and function within that structure it refers to how we relate to our community such as a social angle and the contributions we give to it.this rune denotes holistic balance and is the key to realizing our potential in the world.This rune may relate to those around you..In a negative light Manaz surrounded by negative runes fortells that those around you are trying to make you do something against your will and overall alienation and underacheivment maybe having adverse affects the result disorder and misdirection in our lives there maybe an inability to relate to others.Unfullfilled potential lies behind this and a lack of insight to human relations or psychological immaturity
Laguz..Phonetic Value:L-this Rune literally means-lake and or water its indirect meanings when associated with divining is go with the flow and intuition The rune represents emotional and imaginative aspects of our lives in a reading and a positive light you are open to intuitive fellings at this time and are sensetive too subtle undercurrents this rune carries a message as most runes do"be flexible in your outlook go with the flow of things as they happen"from a psychological standpoint you are open too the ebb and flow of dreams wich may convey things of importance the unconcious is particualarly active and is revealing hidden contents a healing tide is felt and feelings of love are a possibility as this is a very empathic rune in a negetive light laguz means theres a lack of sensetivity towards certain persons or subjects there could be a stiff unbending attitude towards certain currents leaving things dry and dull it could alternatively indicate dreaminess or oversensetive behaviours as well as psychological problems.check your past at the door it may be having a bad influence on you and may be self recriminating.
Ingwaz..Phonetic Value:Ing-this Rune literally means-a New Beginning Inguz is the rune of fruitful activity leading too pleasureable closures and endings in any situation expansion is at hand and now there is a time for personal inward focus and a gathering of creative energies too prepare for the period of expansion that is about to happen.the rune Inguz also points to erotic love within a relationship in a simpler form view Inguz as the cue to an end of current affairs and the dawn of a new beginning as a direct result of that situation,the realization of a dreama goal well in hand,Inguz also represents the marriage of science and religion look for an initiation experience to come. its a successful conclusion time too sit back and enjoy it
Dagaz..Phonetic Value:D-this Rune literally means Day or dawn in a reading it means Breakthrough, awakening, awareness. Daylight clarity as opposed to night-time uncertainty. A time to plan or embark upon an enterprise. The power of change directed by your own will, transformation. Hope/happiness, the ideal. Security and certainty. Growth and release. Balance point, the place where opposites meet.Dagaz cannot be reversed A completion, ending, limit, coming full circle. Blindness, hopelessness.
Othala..Phonetic Value:O-this Rune literally means Ancestral property in a reading it means Inherited property or possessions, a house, a home. What is truly important to one. Group order, group prosperity. Land of birth, spiritual heritage, experience and fundamental values. Aid in spiritual and physical journeys. Source of safety, increase and abundance. Othala Reversed in a negetive light: Lack of customary order, totalitarianism, slavery, poverty, homelessness. Bad karma, prejudice, clannishness, provincialism. What a man is bound to.
Personally recomended reading if you are further interested in The Runes..Any Book by Edred Thorsson.. exerts on this page from Silver Ravenwolfs..The Rune Mysteries Donald Tysons...Rune Magic The Runes...Lisa Peschel The little giant encyclopedia of RUNE`S by Sirona Knight

If youve any questions feel free to email me at I am an Ordaned vitki after all of my learning and know the runes well enough (for those skeptics) have studied them for over 10 years now and the magic they still offer amazes me everyday..I ask that regardless you remember there be one true god or in my case AO cuz there are times he is just as important..just remember the runes are for weilders of truth and justice any magic you perform comes back upon you threefold use them wise allow them their use in your life and the balance is kept