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About Our Message Board

I have a message board that many have said they find to be the only way they do not feel isolated and are grateful to have a place to vent. If you go to the link below you can read others' stories or post any of your thoughts on any issue addressed on this website. WThere are now 120 registered users and 7395 visitors since Oct. 1, 2004, with 275 posts.

I have had some spammers posting nearly 100 posts in a short period of time. The thing that bothers me so much is that one of our people had shared their painful story and they see that there are 25 posts as a reply, only to find that it is some ad from a spammer!

The manager of this eccoboard website added CAPTCHA (where you have to copy the letters you see into a box) to all areas of board where unregistered users can post thoughts without having to register. This way no machines can automatically fill the board with meaningless posts. I hope this extra annoying process does not discourage people from posting...darn spammers...darn spammers.

I'd like to offer the message board service as a vehicle for healing or exchanging information, experience, strength and hope. I hope you choose to visit it and even post some of your thoughts.

Our Message Board
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