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Sexual Assault & Other Related Topics

Alcohol and camping don’t mix. What does that have to do with sexual assault?

In the last couple of summers, most of the sexual assaults I have been called on, have occurred while teens were camping with friends and drinking. They unfortunately found out that there is not “safety in numbers” if everyone except the rapist gets drunk.

In one situation, the victim went with two of her female friends and two guys they had recently met. The guys, age, 23 and 30, pretended to drink a lot while they got the girls, age, 14, very, very drunk. When the victim got out of her sleeping bag to go to the bathroom, the rapist went after her. The other two girls were so drunk they couldn’t even lift their heads when they heard the victim call for help. They could not have really done anything anyway, however they felt guilty and the victim felt abandoned by them.

In another situation the victim went camping with a female friend and that friend’s boyfriend. Now it seems that everyone would be safe? The guy invited a male friend along who was the only one who did not get drunk. The rapist raped the victim in a sleeping bag right next to the two passed out friends.

In a slightly different situation, the victim accepted a ride from the rapist. He was “everyone’s friend, who gladly gave everyone rides. She’d even had rides from him before, but this time she was quite intoxicated. When she finally told her friends, they would not believe her, because he was such a nice guy, everyone’s friend.

Unfortunately, a rapist is not easily recognizable because he has some character flaw.

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