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Prospect Watch Services:

  • Player Counseling
  • Media
  • Budgets (On and Off-Season)
  • Investment Tracking
  • Insurance (Life, Property, and Casualty)
  • Travel
  • Attorney/Legal
  • Equipment Contracts
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Tax Planning
  • Endorsements and Promotions
  • Real Estate Purchases
  • Career Development
  • Community Involvement

Other Services:
  • Assistance in placement in the high school baseball showcases.
  • Assistance in securing college baseball scholarships.
  • Assistance in transfering from a junior college to 4-year colleges.
  • Assistance in placement in NCAA Summer Collegiate Leagues.
  • Assistance in increasing exposure to the MLB scouts.
  • Placement in the Independent Baseball Leagues.

    Prospect Watch

    51 Peachtree Way

    Atlanta, GA 30305

    Telephone (404)869-7966

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