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Trey is a Jedi

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The Official Site - - Run by Phish, best site for confirmed news and inexpensive merchandise.

Phish is back! -- But I'm out. This site has gone unattended for quite some time now, but many of the links are still good, so feel free to continue phishing at your own risk. See you all at the shows.


Live Phish
The first set of Live Phish shows has been released - All are digitally remastered by Paul Languedoc 

Live Phish




Other Websites Started By Fans -
These Sites made by Phish Phans themselves contain many great links and other phun things to do.


The Phish Phactory

Dave's PHAT Phish Page

Phish Phorum (aol only)

Andy Gadiel's Phish Page

Bone's Phish Philes

(Runaway) Jim's Trader Site - A good friend of mine and good traderJim the Eskimo

Hemp Oils for Phish Heads


Sharin in the Groove



The Sounds of Phish -
Mostly MP3, some Realaudio. To run these you'll need Winamp (mp3) or RealPlayer G2 (realaudio) - Both are shareware and can be downloaded free.

Crunchy's MP3 Audio Page

Rare Phish RealAudio



Special Treat -- Great New Trey Tune Push On 'til the Day

Phish Discussion -
Whether you're looking to make a trade, catch a B&P deal, keep up on the latest touring rumors, or just chat about Phish, these sites are where you should be.

Phish Phactory's Tickets/Trading Post

Rec.Music.Phish (RMP) - on the Web

Lifeboy's Phish Chat - great place for web-based Phish chat

Phish Tape Trading Message Boards

Phishhook Discussion Boards

AOL users

Rec.Music.Phish (RMP) - Message Board

Phish Phorum -chat/setlists/faq...etc.




Big Cypress Remembered

NYE2000 Revisited




Marco Escuandolas

Phish Lyrics/Guitar Tabs - pretty much every song phish plays can be found on at least one of these sites.

E m i l 's  P h i s h C h o r d s P a g e - great site, just about every song

Phish Tablature Archive

Phish Lyrics - pretty much every phish tune here

Phish Album lyrics




Helping Phriendly Book

Phish 1998 Setlists

Review archive

ZZYZX's Phish Stats


Check out this jamband from Penn State


Nothing But an E Thing