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                     Welcome to my tabs ection of Vermont's Phinest.  There is a lot of tab for me to work on.   I will not have a lot of tab for now, but I will be updating everyday. Sorry for the inconveinence but I dont have the tab in catagories just alphabetical order. On the left, as you can see, I do however have if it is a cover or is it is bass tab. If it doesn't have anything next to it, then it is just guitar. It is easier on my side. Also feel free to e-mail me some tab you figured out or I dont have, but please do not as me to figure anything out for you, I play drums! Thanks and enjoy.


AC DC Bag                                      Bass                                   


Albuqueque                                      Cover

All Things Reconsidered

Also Sprach Zarathustra                Cover

Alumni Blues

Asse Festival

Avenu Malkenu                                 Cover


Axilla (Part II)

Axilla (Part II)                                     Bass

Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin                                      Bass

Beauty of my Dreams                     Cover

Big Black Furry Creatures...          

Bike                                                   Cover

Birds of a Feather

Boggie on Raggea Woman           Cover

Bouncing Around the Room


Buffalo Bill


Buried Alive

Buried Alive                                         Bass

Bye Bye Foot

Camel Walk

Carini Had A Lumpy Head


Chalkdust Torture

Chalkdust Torture                                 Bass

Character Zero


Colonel Forbin's Ascent




More Comming soon....