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Welcome to my list.  Feel free to e-mail me about any trade.  My list isn't to big as you can see, but it is growing.  I hope you want to trade.  I have alot more comming in hopefully before Christmas.  By the way, check out the banner below "Vermont's phinest Lists".  I'm trying to start an underground "Tapetrading.Com" deal. If you give me your list, I will set it up for you, and edit your list also, all for free, so be sure to sign up and tell your phriends, thanx and enjoy.

My Rules:

1)Use Maxell XLII's only

2)Send setlist with tapes on a seperate sheet of paper

3)Don't send J-cards or cases please

4)No high speed dubbing

5)No Dobly or Auto-Reverse

6)Please have tapes rewond when sent


07-15-98 Portland Meadows Race Track, Portland Meadows (I,II)
08-15-98 Limestone, ME - Loring AFB (II,III)
08-16-98 Limestone, ME - Loring AFB (II)
07-12-99 Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA (I,II)
07-13-99 Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA (I,II)
12-31-95 MSG, New York, New York (I,II,III)
07-15-99 PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ (I,II)

Homdel PNC is not in yet...


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