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Lesson 20: Nature Meditation

Writen by Isa Moon

We normally believe ourselves (Pagans in general) very earth oriented people, but how often do we take time to focus on the earth? Here's a meditation that might help you along:

Sit or stand in a place were you feel close to nature. Visualize that you are a tree (any type you feel drawn to); your roots go into the ground. Through the topsoil, the loose, warm, rich earth; into the rocky layers, down, down, down until they are near the warm center of the earth. Feel the warmth. Now bring it up, through the cold rocky layers, through the warm, rich soil, up into your trunk, up into your branches and out your leaves.

Feel the sun (or the stars) overhead. Feel their energy. Is it difficult to feel the energy? Do you need to thin our your branches? Or is there too much energy? Do you need to thicken your branches? Bring it down into your branches, into your trunk, into your roots, and down deep into the center of the earth.

This is a great grounding and centering meditation. Remember to take as much time as you need with each part of the meditation.