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*** I will be moving to Colorado soon, which is about on the other sidfe of the US. from where I am. I need to get some extra money up for my cat's pet deposit and other related Issues. At the moment I would like to sell ecerything I have for sale/trade. I'm not closing trading, but I am being a bit more picky at the moment. If my price is too high, I can work with you and possible lower it.

Hi!! Welcome to my Trade / Sale section! Here you find tons of stuff that I have to trade or sell. At the moment I'm looking to sell because I'm moving to Colorado in a few months to attend school and I need the money to pay for an apartment and other stuff as well as a down payment on the apartment and $250 for my kitty, not to mention the move itself. because I'm moving, I'll be updating this page alot and adding more stuff as I come across them. I don't have many MLP's up right now, my collection isn't going anywhere. If you really would like to trade for soemthing I have on my list then I will trade for any MLP's or accessories . Please take a look at my want list, it's huge! Plus I'll always take custom baits and even custom ponies! I'll post pics of everything as soon as I scan them in. If you want anything on my list, please email me. Make sure the subject line is something pertaining to ponies or my webpage. I'll delete any mail I do not recognize. All my prices are not set in stone, so make me an offer if you believe the prices are too hight! None of the prices reflect shipping charges. I will ship this stuff anywhere. I will pay for insurance on all my packages. Please email me with any questions and better descriptions.

If this stuff doesn't go soon, it will hit the Ebay market, which I would rather not do at the moment.

My Little Ponies and Accessories (would like to trade MLP stuff for other MLP stuff) - Will trade most for a castle with accessories (doesn't have to be all), the second eddition nursery with accessories (blue funiture), or Ice Crystal in good condition!! PLEASE! lol. Actually, I'll trade a number of things on this page for these buildings and pony.I'm also looking for any MIB or MIP ponies, buildings, ect.

Windy - has a great body with some pink highlighter on the right side of her neck and a small ink dot in back of her right ear. Her symbols are great with only slight glitter loss. No eye rubs at all and her hair is very silky with no frizz. Windy needs a new tail, she has none. If you have a tail or would like to add her to your collection, please email me. Adoption fee = $3

Parasol - Poor Parasol had a bad haircut when she came to me. I fixed up her hair and made it even. She has a very short mane that is almost down to her head and her tail come up to her hocks and is very solf and silky. She has a small red ink spot on her right side by her symbol. Her symbols are very nice, but has a little glitter loss. She is a very nice pony. Almost forgot.....her left cheek is a bit scuffed up and she has a bit of black ink on her left eye that looks like a factory defect. Tail has a nice curl to end. Adoption fee = $3

Sprinkles - Sprinkles has a bad hair cut but Her tail is long and silky. Her symbol is in good shape, minus one duck who has a symbol rub. She has some scuff marks on her body and wings and a few small marks on her body. Her head is a pinker color then her body. Her mane is three different lengths!! Her body also looks a bit dingy. Adoption fee = $2

Baby Surprise's rocker asking $1
Nursery bottle asking $1
Majesty's yellow hoop asking $1.50
Bright Lights, but not orig tape. asking $6
An identifycation CD with pics. (My own creation and i'm still working on it. Reserve a copy. should be done soon) asking $20 a CD. Includes a US and International checklist!

Ponies from the adoption center looking for new homes.

In order to adopt ponies form the center, you must follow the adoption rules, which can be viewed here. You will find the Adoption center at the bottom of the page. These ponies have been through alot and all they are asking for are loving homes. I am willing to trade these ponies, but you will still need to view and abid by the rules. These are the only items, except for anime tapes, on my list that I will not put up on ebay.

There are currently have no ponies in the adoption center.

and for the pony customizers out there:

gold glitter, one and a half tubes. asking $1
rainbow glitter, one and a half tubes asking $1
silver glitter tube asking .50
blue glitter, one and a half tubes asking $1
green glitter tube asking .50
red glitter tube asking $1
bag of hair

Care Bears

"Off to See the World" record. last time i checked it worked. It's not in the best of shape, but not too bad either. It's very rare and the first album the Care Bears did. asking $15

Shera - Princess of Power

one small blue window for the castle - Mint asking $1
the fireplace - Mint asking $3
pink lace thing to cover bed. bed curtain. asking .50

Cabbage Patch Kids

blue and purple swing - collectable figureine, really swings! one leg is broken, but it will still stand witha bit of effort asking $2
green and pink shower - collectable figureine. Mint asking $4

Little Mermaid

two little golden books MO. Asking $6 for the set
book asking $2
sebastion figurine - Mint asking $3
flounder figurine - have marks that look like they will come off with a good scrub. asking $2
small sebastion Christmas doll. very cute and hangs up. asking $2

Cherry Merry Muffin Dolls

doll with blond hair and pink shoes - near mint needs a hair brushing and a good scrub. asking $5
doll with brown hair and dark pink shoes with dress- near mint needs a hair brushing and a good scrub. asking $5
doll with redish hair and blue shoes - near mint needs a hair brushing. asking $6
chocolate kiss friend with a mint green bow and pink shoes. Mint asking $3
light chocolate friend. missing top? purple shoes. tiny paint rubbinng on hands and bow. Otherwise Mint asking $3
blue sugar bowl friend. has light pink shoes. Mint asking $3
blue muffin comb. mint asking $1
pnk and white lace aprin. mint asking $1


one pink shoe - Mint asking .25
outfit for the dolll with pink hair. asking $2
outfir for the smart one, the one with blond hair. asking $2

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake original doll. Missing left arm and needs a bath. asking $4
strawberry Shortcake original doll - has curly yellow hair. Near mint. eyes still work. asking $7
pink hiar band. plastic head piece. Mint asking .50
pink hair bonnet with strawberries on it. Mint asking $1


large plastic troll doll with a black dress and a real feathered pink boa. Mint asking $2 TAKE HER PLEASE!
a cute troll necklace - Mint asking $2

Dinosaurs (look at pics) - Mint and life-like.

Set of 11 dinosaurs asking $5
Polly Pocket

a beach house, no dolls. Mint asking $3

Teenage Mutient Ninja Turtles - all are in good to very good condition

bike asking $5
tiny briefcase for Leonardo with stickers in tack asking .10
talking Leo, but I don't have the talking strip asking $5
sea surfing Mike. bit of paint rub and no sticker or surf board asking $4
Mike with crazy spinning hand! Works!! has CF written on front. I think it'll come off. Missing belt. asking $3

Caption Mike!! Excellend condition, just needs to be cleaned. asking $4
Orig Leo without belt. one side of bandana is broken, can't tell though. asking $4
Space Raf! very good condition, but needs a bath. a bit of paint rub. asking $4
Metal Head - missing belt. good condition. asking $3
the second movie! Not an origional tape. asking $7, I have three copies. Don't ask why. :)
see through thing...... asking $1

Fuzzy Animals (I have no idea what these are called! look at the pics.)

grey mom, or dad asking $3
grey baby bear asking $1
grey raccoon? asking $1
brown chipmunk ? bear? asking $1
beize rabbit, cute! asking $1
an adult grey bear's head asking .25
green baby bed. one side of the rockers are broken. asking .25

Precious Places

purple key from wedding with a pic of wedding bells- Mint asking $1
blue key with a pic of a white dog. cute.- Mint asking $1

Lady Lovely Locks

yellow pixie rabbit - needs a hair brushing bad. hair is a bit faded. asking .50
yellow pixie chipmunk- needs a hair bushing bad. asking $1


yellow and white stroller - Mint asking $1
small white stable. "Prancy" - Mint asking $1
white and pink bike. TINY paint fade in front. asking $1
purple and pink rockets for space suit / playset. - Mint asking .25
purple and pink space rocket near mint - asking $3

Oliver and Company

book - asking $2
Georageete figurine from Mcdondalds. Very old, good shape but needs a cleaning. J on bottom in purple ink. Might come off with some effort. Dirty. "1988" Disney asking $1

Tiny Collectable Figures

Baby Minnie with a purple suit and bow in front of a big blue 2. asking $1
Dondalad riding a green train. train really moves when pulled back and then let go. asking $1.50
Baby Daisy holding her baby duch doll. VERY cute asking $1.50
School Daisy. she's wearing a purple jacket that has a pink D on it, like a team jacket. asking $1.50
bad guy from Tale Spin. He's a fox, I think. was a Happy Meals toy. asking $1.50
Molly from Tale Spin playing "aeroplane" asking $1.50
Bedrock Bowl a Rama house. missing back and fred and half of one sticker came off. asking .50

Ghost Busters

orange ghost asking $1

Power Rangers

Fire Bird. missing tips of wings. asking $2


yellow "Kuddle Uglee" watch. cute. asking $4
red snow puppy quartz watch. asking $6


orange and pink pigs from "Pig Pong" game. asking $1.50 for the set
lion necklace asking $1.50
Claranet with case (ask for a description) asking $150 (sale only)
VCR - Samsung VCR, needs repairs. about 7 years old. Please ask for details. asking $30 (sale only)

Barbie (lots of stuff to be added soon)

Pink jeep with attaching blue trailer. Steering wheel of jeep is broken off, but can be glued back on without a problem. I'll even do it for you. asking $20. Near Mint

Brown horse for the trailer and jeep. Has a blue saddle. big and MINT. Asking $12
bra and underpants set. Pink with white jewls on them. Mint asking $1
two pink and white bumpers for crib. asking $1
black leather jacket with gold on sleeves. Mint asking $2
white stockings. Mint asking $1
pink stockings. MInt asking $1
green cortaroy pants. Vintage, very old, but in good condition. asking $2
pink dress with white lace. very nice and mint. asking $2
purple nightgown with white lace. Mint asking $2
white slip or skirt. asking .50
denium skirt. Mint asking $1
tydyed jumper. Mint asking $1
long floral skirt. Mint asking $1.50
two bottom pieces to mermaid barbie mermaid babies. Mint asking $1.50 for teh set
gold bra and underpants set. Mint asking $1
pink underpants with white lace. Mint asking .50
white hanger with a pink B in center. asking .25
pink comb. not sure if it's Barbie. Mint asking .10
Barbie dog head. asking .50
Large Pink Crib asking $3
White with floral cushing closet. asking $1.50
big pink and white sink with dish washer. asking $3


2.5 gig Seagate hard drive. I have never used it. Got it off ebay. asking $20 paid $29
Simon and Schuster new Millennium Encyclopedia used once. asking $15 paid over $25

Pets (please email me for better descriptions and remember, you can make me an offer)

Large white Bird Cage and many accessories. Asking $40.

Labrador Retriever book. askink $4
Chameleons and Anoles book. asking $3

Music CD's, Tapes, DVD's, movie tapes, and Books

1998 Beanie Baby Handbook (not sure if I want to part with. Make me an offer or asking $10 if I sell)
fall 1998 Beanie Baby Handbook asking $10
LFO CD asking $15

Ok, I'm an anime tape trader, so I make copies. All my tapes are in excellent to very good condition. The ones listed here are complete series or movies. If you don't see something you want, email me and mabe I'll have it. This list is nothing at all compared to my anime collection. Sorry, but US sales only unless these tapes will work on your machines. I already know that US tapes will not work on UK machines unless you have the new ones. ask me. As for the other anime stuff, anyone is free to buy them or I'll be willing to trade for some MLP's and / or accessories.

Fushigi Yugi whole series and first movie. (all 52 episodes and movie) all dubbed except for the last volume. asking $34 (usually goes for about $60 or higher for copies)

Gundam Wing whole series subbed with subbed and dubbed movie That's 49 episodes and two movie versions. asking $30
Gundam X whole series subbed. asking $30
Please Save My Earth whole series and movie subbed asking $10
Slayers whole series subbed asking $30
Slayers Next whole series subbed asking $30
Slayers Try whole series subbed asking $30
All the Slayers plus movie. all subbed asking $65. save $25
Sailor Moon Stars season. subbed episodes 168 - 200. (I think 168, it's the whole thing though) asking $35

Sailor Moon R - Doom Tree part. dubbed asking $15
All three Sailor Moon Movies subbed - asking $10
three Sailor Moon SS specials subbed. asking $10
Escaflowne whole series dubbed asking $30
Escaflowne whole series subbed on cd. asking $30
Outlaw Star whole series subbed on CD asking $30
First tape of Lain, but in raw Jap. Asking $5
Unico the Unicorn first movie asking $10
Vampire Hunter D dubbed asking $7
Bastard Exodus, Venum, and Resurrection asking $15
Mermaid Scar asking $6
Battle Angel asking $7
Those Who Hunt Elves volumes 1-6 dubbed asking $15
My Neighbor Totoro subbed asking $5
X Movie dubbed asking $5
Urusei Yatsura (Lum) volumes 1-4 sub and Movie Beatiful Dreamer sub asking $10
Tenchi Movies 1- 3 asking $10
Rorouni Kenshin episodes 1-11 (first Box Set) subbed asking $25

More Anime!: OK, email me for prices. most tapes will be $5. I haven't sorted these in pricves yet.

A.D. Police Music Videos sub
A.D. Police Parts 1-3
Ah My Goddess: Adventures of Mini Goddess volumes 1-2
Akira dub
Angel Santuary tape 1 sub
Ayash No Ceres volume 1 sub
Babylon 1 2 dub
Bakuretsu Hunters OAV 1-3
Bambi Meets Godzilla sub
Battle Athletes OAV 1-6 sub
Black Jack dub
Blue Seed vol. 3 dub
Blue Submarine #6 (all parts) dub
Bubblegum Crash Parts 1-3 sub
Bubblegum Crisis eps. 1-4 sub
Bubblegum crisis Music Videos sub
Burn up W vol. 1 dub and sub
Burn up W vol. 2 dub
Card Captor Sakura volumes 1 2 sub
Demon City Shin Juku dub
Devil Hunter Yohko vol. 1 sub
Dominion Tank Police OAV 1-4 sub
Dragon Ball vol. 1 sub
Dragon Ball vol. 2 sub
Dragon Ball Z Movie- Dead Zone dub
Dragon Ball Z Movie- Tree Of Might dub
Dragon Ball Z Movie- World's Strongest dub
Dragon Ball GT vol. 1 sub
Dragon Half episodes 1 2 dub
El Hazard vol. 1-4 sub
El Hazard 2 sub
Elf Princess Rane sub
Escaflowne music videos
Explorer Women Ray volumes 1-2 sub
Fire Emblem dub
Gate Keepers episodes 1 3 sub
Gestalt sub
Hunted Junction episodes 1 - 12 sub
Hyper Doll sub
Iria: Zeram The Animation 1-6 sub
Irresponsible Caption Taylor episodes 1 26 sub
Irresponsible Caption Taylor OAV 1-10 sub
Irresponsible Caption Taylor Music Vids sub
Magic Knight Rayearth episodes 1-20 (first box set) sub
Marmalade Boy episodes 1 8 sub
Matal Skin Panic: Madox 01 sub
Nadia Music Videos sub
Ninja Scroll dub
Oh My Goddess Parts 1-5 sub
Princess Minerva dub
Project A-Ko Battle 1 dub
Ranma TV Series volime 1 9 (7 hours) dub
Ranma OAV Desperatly Seeking Shampoo dub
Ranma Movie Nihao My Cumcubine sub
Ranma vol. 2 dub
Record of Lodoss War volumes 1-3 dub
Revolutionary Girl Utena volumes 1-4 (first season) sub
Riding Bean sub
Sailor Moon episodes 90-93 sub
Sailor Moon R eposodes 1-4 sub
Sailor Moon R Movie sub
Sailor Moon S episodes 1-13 sub
Sailor Moon S Specials 1-3 sub
Sailor Moon SS eps. 138-141 sub
Sailor Moon SS eps. 150-153 sub
Sailor Moon SS Movie sub
Sailor Moon SS Vol. 1-4 sub
Saint Tail volumes 1-2 sub
Sakura Wars OAV 1-4 sub
The Guyver Data 1 dub
The Humanoid sub
Titan AE dub
Twin Signal episode 1 3 sub
Vampire Wars dub
Wrath of the Ninja dub