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CAL. 54

Caliber: 50 Smith, combustible cartridge, fired by a caplock
System of operation: Single Shot
Length overall: 39.5 inches
Barrel length: 21.6 inches
Feed device: Single Shot
Sight:Front: Blade
Sight:Rear: Block and single Leaf sight
Weight: 7.50 lb

The original Smith Carbine was patented by Gilbert Smith of Buttermilk Falls, New York on June 23, 1857, and successfully completed the Military Trials of the late 1850's. Significant quantities were ordered by the Union military authorities, who after all had to supply both Armies for most of the Civil War. More than 30,000 were produced by the Massachusetts Arms Co. and American Machine Works of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. Military sales of the Smith were handled by Poultney and Trimble of Baltimore, and units known to have received the Smith were the 3rd W. Va. Cav., the 7th and 11th Ill. Cav., the 1st Conn. Cav, the 7th and 17th Penn. Cav., the 6th and 9th Ohio Cav., and the 1st Massachusetts Cav The action of the Smith Carbine breaks open in such a way that the chamber is broken between the front and rear of its dimensions. This was incorporated in the design of the weapon to facilitate quick removal of spent rounds.
The weapon and the photos belong to Mr. Arthur Hare and are not for sale. Photos taken by Mr Arthur Hare.

Smith Cavalry Carbine.

Close-up of the action.

Close-up of the percussion nipple and chamber.

Close-up of the hinge-block pin and mecanism.

Close-up of the markings.

Close-up of the rear sight.

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