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CAL. 450/577

Caliber: 450/577
System of operation: Lever action
Length overall: 49 inches
Barrel length: 33.2 inches
Feed device: Single Shot
Sight:Front: Blade
Sight:Rear: Ramp-and-Leaf sight graduated to 1400m
Weight: 8.75 lb

The weapon and the photos belong to Mr. Arthur Hare and are not for sale. Photos taken by Mr Arthur Hare.

Martini-Henry MKI Rifle.

Close-up of the action.

Close-up of the brass hinge-block pin typical of the MKI.

Close-up of the breech.

Close-up of the markings.

Close-up of the cartouche on the buttstock.

Close-up of the rear sight.

Close-up of the checkered buttplate on the MKI rifle.

Close-up of the clearing rod and nosecap.

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