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?????Did You Know?????

That one of the cast of the Waltons,(Will Gear) who played the role of grampa had a relationship with gay-rights pioneer Harry Hays?

The American Family Associantion Discribed one of the leading promoters of homosexuality,as well as the homosexual political and social agenda in America is Disney!

Judy Grahn,poet,playwright and novelist,who published many books of poetry and nonfiction including Edward the Dyke nad Other Poems was discharged from the military in 1961.

Peter Finch was the first actor to receive and Academy Award nomination for portaying and openly gay charactor in Sunday Bloody Sunday in 1971.

Many people speculate about what went on between Eleanor Roosevelt and journalist Lorena Hickok but not very many people know that Ms. Hickok lived in the White House for 4 years with the Roosevelts.

On May 5th,1998, Rev Jimmy Creech was fired for performing a same sex-union for a lesbian couple in Omaha,Nebraska.Earlier in that same year 1,4000 United Methodist Ministers signed a letter in support of these unions.

Walt Whitman was hired to work under the Secretary of the Interior as a clerk of Indian Affairs in 1885. When the Secretary found a copy of Leaves of Grass in Whitman's desk he was fired.

Hope you injoyed these little tidbits. more to come soon.

As most of you out there has seen, there are a lot of Take Back Vermont signs out there. And to combat this we have taken the website http://www.takebackvermont.com for ourselve's. This way they can't use it. And there are groups out there that have come up with bumperstickers "Vermont Keep It Civil. And will find out what business's are carrying these so you can go out and help fight to keep our rights. Its so important not to let them push us back in the closet. So lend your support and get involved. Its your freedom they want to take away!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. This is a page for lesbians. So men please leave now!!!! Please come back and visit again real soon. Much more to come!

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We Did It!

Today Gov. Dean signed the bill for gay union into law. Vermont now is the first to have such a bill to be passed by the legislater. It isn't marriage but its a close second. And in time the bill might be able to be have the terms union into marriage if gays and lesbians really want it that way. It is a happy day for gays and lesbians today in Vermont!!!!!

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