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Regis Wolfe


2414 South Wadsworth t Lansing, MI, 48911-2474 t United States of America

Home Phone 1-517-887-9917





Seeking an intern position in the web programming/design industry to enrich my knowledge through work place experience and on the job training.




Technical Skills

        Programming: Straight HTML using Note Pad, Netscape Composer, Microsoft Front Page, Quick Basic, Visual Basic, and currently learning JavaScript.

        Software:Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office: (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access, Publisher, ect.).Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, and other brands of imaging and desktop publishing software.

         Operating Systems:Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Millennium Edition, and 2000. †††

        Hardware:Laser printers, ink-jet printers, copying/scanning devices, digital photography equipment, peripherals installation.


Portfolio Statement


Eager to work hard to please employers.

Punctual and consistently meets deadlines.

        Self Motivated:

Will take the initiative to meet and exceed goals set by management.

Able to successfully complete tasks without constant supervision


Works well in groups because I know there is always knowledge to be gained through the collaboration of different opinions.

Accepts constructive criticism and uses it for self-improvement




Star Institute- Computer Information Technology, 2001- 2003

Selective computer science program for students with demonstrated aptitude.The curriculum is focused on completing enough credit hours to earn Lansing Community Collegeís Internet for Business Certificate of Achievement upon graduation from high school.


Walter French Academy- High School, 1999-2003

Aside from the required outcomes, classes focus on college preparation and acquiring essential life skills





Merchandise Presentation Specialist Big Lots-Odd Lots††† 2001- Present

Detail oriented task of organizing the storeís stock display, and assembling products for demonstration.Building a good rapport with recurrent patrons, while being able to manage dissatisfied customers.


Server †††††††††††††Healthy Selections Catering†† ††††††††††2000- Present

Utilized precision and accuracy in preparing and servicing food during all sizes of events.Engaged in friendly banter and Conversed with guests to advertise by word of mouth.Performed the physical tasks of setting up and breaking down of service area.


Advertisement/Marketing†††† †††New City Academy††† ††††††††††††††† 1999

Distributed advertisement materials.Publicized grand opening, by displaying communication skills to potential clients





Presidentís Award For Educational Excellence (gold), 2001

United States Achievement Academy, Mathematics Award, 2001

Honor Roll, entire high school career

Capitol Quality Initiative presentation award April 2002†††





        Nation Honor Society, Inducted 1999

        Food service assistant 1999-Present

        Yearbook staff member 1999-Present

        Student Government 2000-Present

        Integrated Pest Management 2000-Present