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Sound & Video

Three Sites With effective use of sound

Three Sites With effective use of video

Sites & Sounds
The sounds are directly embedded into this site and are heard when the mouse is rolled over the menu. The sound heard is appropriate because the company advertises web creation and wants to show off what they can do. There is no issue of down loading or plugins to be launched.
Atom Films/Shockwave
The videos on the utilize flash technology to play. If the browser doesn’t have the latest version of Flash a message box will pop up asking if the user wants to download it free of charge. The quality depends on if the video is live action or animated. Animated is top quality and live action is usually not so good. The load time depends on the size of length of the clip and modem speed.
18th C Austro-German style (Leonhardt, Philips 422.349 #10) Sounds of harpsichords and related instruments...
This .wav file, and the rest of the music samples on the page are appropriate because the goal of the page is to preview sounds off of a CD. These sound files are approximately 300k which load relatively fast. The small size plus the fact that they were dubbed reduce the quality. In the Microsoft browser Windows Media Player pops up to handel the sound files. Netscape uses a built in Java Plug in.
Guiness Book Of World Records TV Show/ Cindy Margolis
The clip from the show uses the "object" tag instead of the "embed" tag. It's type property is: "application/x-oleobject". This file is good quality but rather slow loading. To play the clip Windows media player must be installed.

"I'm Super"
(.mp3 format)

(.wav format)

The Movie Sounds Page: South Park
The goal of this page is to provide sound bytes from box office movies which these sounds adequately fulfill. The Movie Sounds pages contains files in .wav and .mp3 format which both play in Windows Media Player if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser. Users of non media browsers can save these files to their disks and play them with what ever program handles their music. As a result of the compression methods used, the .mp3s are smaller and still have just as good or better quality.
Video Clip: Right vs. Wrong
Video Clip Art sells it's animations and video clips on CD for 29.95, the clips available on this site helps the companies goals because it is good business to have free samples. The file .avi file autostarts almost as soon as the page is entered, no additional soft ware is needed. For non media brovsers there are no ALT tags of image covers. The quality is good because it's just a simple animation with a few colors.

Downloaded Music

Uploaded Video

Metal Gear Solid: Encounter
This sound file was dubbed from a MGS fan site. Being a wave file, it is a wopping 1.26MB while the original, full lenght, MIDI file is only 31.6k. Since this is a dubbed .wav the quality is not good at all but it is the best part of the score. This file uses the Windows Media Player or a Java applet to let the user control the play.

This is a background midi file from a game or program called ROCKEM 3D, created by a second year CIT student. To access this file the computer needs to contain the Windows Active X plug-in and either Media Player or RealPlyer. Midi files are very high quality and small so they generally load fast.

Spider-Man 1995 tv series produced by Marvel Studios. Movie file produced by 1995 Pixel Technologies
This .mov file uses the Quick Time plug-in to play. Web surfers without quick time can download it for free from Apple computers. As with most clips on this page, the quality is good because it is animated. This video file is short but not very appropriate to be featured on the average site. The file is 1.3 MB which means only a few seconds in load time with high speed access but the average user will have to wait over a minute.

Return of Living Dead Clip
Posted on the web by Creepy Clips

This clip is in the RealAudio format plays using the RealPlayer plugin. This file is a lot more appropriate for the average user because it small which means a much shortter load time. The quality does suffer but it is still worth watching.

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