E l l a H o o p e r

Ella Hooper

Name: Ella Keighery Hooper

DOB: 30th January 1983 ( yes that makes her 17)

Born: Melbourne

Starsign: Aquarius

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black, Purple, White and Blue dread extensions

Lives: Melbourne with her boyfriend

Lived: Violet Town, Victoria

-Brother - Jesse Hooper
-Father - Jeremy Hooper
-Mother - Helen Keighery

Education: Left school in Year 11 to pursue a musical career

Occupation: Rock Star!

Position: Killing Heidi Vocalist

Likes: Mashed potatoes, peas, Ani Difranco, Hole,"old skool" Courtney Love, riot grrl evolution, Smashing Pumpkins, PJ Harvey, "Poor Little Rich Girl", Chocolate, Jacqui Katona, Bob Dylan,Nirvana,Violet Town, Chapel Street,Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell,friendly waiters, peirced bellybuttons Sunflowers, belly-dancing and visual arts, Dawsons Creek.

Dislikes: narrow-minded people, Koori issues sliding out of the limelight,manufactured acts, makeup artists that apply lipstick above her natural lip line,


" I'm sort of a literary and verbal person and communication is my forte"

Interesting Info:

-Her friends always said that she would end up famous some day, and of course they were right.
-Ella, along with Jesse won JJJ's Unearthed competition when she was just 13!
-She first heard 'Kettle' while coming home on the school bus.
-Back home in Violet Town Ella has a wall in her bedroom that she has been painting on over time.
-Ella used to have her nose peirced.
-She used to have her right eyebrow peirced, but when it got infected she decided she couldn't wait untill it healed, and got her left one peirced!
-Both Ella's parents are schoolteachers.
-Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers told the Melbourne BDO crowd that there was to be a wedding with Anthony Keidis and " the chick from Killing Heidi " after the show.
-Ella squashed a rotten banana into the band's producer's ear when she was 14.
-Ella's original dreadlocks came about naturally around the time of the Melbourne gas Shortage
-Ella is very shortsighted and can only see the first couple of rows at gigs.
-Ella wants 'Weir' to be on Dawson's Creek
-Ella would love the ability to speak Spanish
-Ella deferred her VCE when she was in year 11
-Ella has never had a singing lesson in her life,she attempted one but left because she couldn't even do the warm-ups!
-Ella makes a lot of her clothes, with her friends in Violet Town, but wears the Melbourne brand TDM on stage
-Ella can also play guitar
-Ella's 1st purchased CD was American Thighs by Vercuca Salt and her 1st ever gig was Silverchair/Everclear at Festival Hall, Melbourne.
-Ella's daring Diva name is actually Muffinbug Chillhon!