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Kevin Costner
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Kevin costner Prince of the World Back ground song is "True Love Ways" by Buddy Holly, This song is my favorite one to listen to. Buddy did this with the desire and passion of a true artist. The day I was introduced to Kevin Costner, I thought of this song . He reminds me of the soft,warm, kind,sensual man every woman wants. Enjoy True Love Ways. True Love Ways

Kevin Costner "Prince Of The World"

Oh, Baby Look at you NOW!

Kevin Costner

Who is Kevin, Son of Bill and Sharon, Ex-Husband of Cindy, but still good friends, Father of Annie, Lily, Joe and Liam. Actor, Producer, Director, of some of the finest movies ever done.

This is his life, but let's look at the man, Kevin. He has warmth, charisma, style and grace. He's a doll,sexy, oh let's say it, HOT too.{right?} He has a boyish sense of humor and a great love of life.

Kevin has given millions of fans Happiness and Friendship through the years with his talent. He has made us laugh and cry. He has given us what no other actor can or will. The critics are calling Kevin, an aging actor. Well, they are totally and definitely wrong. He's like a fine bottle of wine he only gets better with age. Eat your hearts out gentlemen, Kevin is here to stay.

He has worked with the best, Anthony Quinn, Burt Lancaster, James Earl Jones, Gene Hackman and many more. His talent just towered above theirs each and every time! Kevin is Stewart, Cooper, Fonda, Tracey and Grant rolled into one. His style is unbeatable.

Kevin has stood proud and defiant, sat tall in the saddle, run the bases and walked the course with aggression, strength and confidence. His touch is soft and passionate with those strong but, yet gentle arms of his, that we all wish for. And his beautiful gray blue eyes that that he says so much with. And that wonderful smile, that melts our hearts.

Oh, we can not forget those LONG SLOW DEEP SOFT WET KISSES that last 3 days. Oh my, his leading ladies are so lucky.

Ye, fellow actors, Nobility is not a birth right, it is defined by ones Talent, that is why




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