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Index of /root/kardionov Codes

      Name                    Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory        02-Jul-2000 16:35      -  
[IMG] 1asi053.gif             02-Aug-1999 21:30     1k  
[IMG] 1asp149.gif             02-Aug-1999 21:30     2k  
[IMG] 3437677523.gif          02-Aug-1999 14:57     7k  
[IMG] 907997647.gif           02-Aug-1999 15:18     5k  
[IMG] BANERKARD5.jpg          02-Sep-1999 10:12    44k  
[IMG] C64term.gif             05-Aug-1999 02:41    56k  
[IMG] CHIP2.jpg               17-Jul-1999 13:59    14k  
[IMG] Genesis.jpg             28-Jul-1999 21:49    13k  
[IMG] Link.jpg                06-Aug-1999 22:11    29k  
[IMG] PLAYSTATIONmix.gif      17-Jul-1999 13:57    25k  
[IMG] SOVKI.gif               21-Jul-1999 18:42   338k  
[IMG] apacman.gif             21-Jul-1999 18:50    11k  
[IMG] atariSpaceInvadersth..> 31-Jul-1999 14:48   125k  
[IMG] backg60.jpg             02-Aug-1999 21:03     8k  
[IMG] backg61.jpg             02-Aug-1999 14:57     8k  
[IMG] banner1.gif             03-Aug-1999 16:23    12k  
[IMG] banner100x100.gif       03-Aug-1999 16:22    10k  
[IMG] bar87.gif               28-Jul-1999 21:53     9k  
[IMG] bg147.jpg               13-Aug-1999 22:21    20k  
[IMG] bit1.gif                17-Jul-1999 13:59     3k  
[IMG] blue5.jpg               02-Aug-1999 07:19    27k  
[TXT] c64.html                05-Aug-1999 02:41     1k  
[IMG] circuit.gif             30-Jul-1999 20:51    44k  
[IMG] code.jpg                01-Sep-1999 15:13     5k  
[TXT] codes.html              02-Sep-1999 10:10    11k  
[IMG] codescheats.gif         02-Aug-1999 00:17     4k  
[IMG] comp02.gif              23-Jul-1999 19:54    11k  
[IMG] comp1.gif               28-Jul-1999 21:50     4k  
[IMG] comp16.gif              31-Jul-1999 10:18     4k  
[IMG] const006.jpg            23-Jul-1999 20:05    10k  
[IMG] count9.gif              02-Aug-1999 21:32    10k  
[IMG] cpp.jpg                 01-Sep-1999 15:12     6k  
[TXT] cyberia.html            03-Aug-1999 16:34     2k  
[IMG] dos.jpg                 01-Sep-1999 15:12     6k  
[TXT] download.html           02-Sep-1999 10:20    10k  
[IMG] download.jpg            01-Sep-1999 15:11     8k  
[IMG] download1.jpg           01-Sep-1999 15:11     5k  
[SND] dreams.mid              29-Aug-1999 00:38    25k  
[IMG] freekev.jpg             20-Aug-1999 23:35     6k  
[IMG] gbar.jpg                01-Sep-1999 15:13     1k  
[IMG] gifhocky97.gif          21-Jul-1999 18:40   462k  
[IMG] gme.gif                 16-Aug-1999 00:02     3k  
[IMG] gpanimation.gif         03-Aug-1999 16:22    11k  
[IMG] gsbanner.gif            29-Jul-1999 23:36     9k  
[IMG] hdboxshot.gif           05-Sep-1999 14:29     8k  
[IMG] home.jpg                01-Sep-1999 15:09     4k  
[IMG] javagame.jpg            01-Sep-1999 15:09     6k  
[IMG] jsholidays1x1.gif       03-Aug-1999 16:36    59k  
[TXT] link.html               02-Sep-1999 10:16     6k  
[IMG] links.jpg               01-Sep-1999 15:09     4k  
[IMG] misc14.gif              02-Aug-1999 07:22     2k  
[IMG] miscom.gif              17-Jul-1999 13:58    11k  
[IMG] n641.gif                28-Jul-1999 21:51    10k  
[IMG] numbers.gif             02-Aug-1999 21:29    17k  
[TXT] onlinegames.html        02-Sep-1999 10:18     9k  
[IMG] onlinegames.jpg         01-Sep-1999 15:09     6k  
[IMG] p.gif                   28-Jul-1999 21:50     3k  
[IMG] pacman.gif              17-Jul-1999 13:57    11k  
[IMG] program.jpg             01-Sep-1999 15:08     5k  
[TXT] programming.html        01-Sep-1999 18:46   106k  
[IMG] reklambanner.gif        23-Jul-1999 19:56     7k  
[IMG] russiaC.gif             26-Jul-1999 17:25     6k  
[IMG] small.jpg               31-Aug-1999 22:45    20k  
[IMG] snap006.jpg             17-Jul-1999 13:56    12k  
[IMG] snap010.jpg             02-Aug-1999 07:20     2k  
[IMG] sovietuniongm1x1.gif    26-Jul-1999 17:22    16k  
[IMG] strobe.gif              17-Jul-1999 13:56     2k  
[IMG] sudip.jpg               06-Aug-1999 22:12    11k  
[IMG] ueblink.jpg             10-Aug-1999 20:46    32k  
[IMG] ukrainegm1x1.gif        26-Jul-1999 17:22    19k  
[IMG] untitled.jpg            23-Jul-1999 19:55     5k  
[TXT] user.html               14-Aug-1999 16:49     8k  
[IMG] war.gif                 23-Jul-1999 19:55     9k  
[IMG] winds.jpg               01-Sep-1999 15:08     6k  
[IMG] yugoslaviagm1x1.gif     26-Jul-1999 17:22    17k  

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