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Welcome to the Natural Anomaly Investigations site. We are a small but well-recognized team of paranormal investigators with members available in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Connecticut, northern Texas and southern Kansas. For the right case we will consider traveling further.

We enjoy hearing from those who are interested in all areas of the paranormal, so if you get a chance please e-mail us. For those who have been contacting us with your questions, thank you! It is very curious though, most of those who have been contacting us are from the northern states! Hopefully someone will contact us from our area. Hope you enjoy our site and thanks for coming! -NAI Team Leader, Joshua Perrin

Our Site's Contents:

  • Hypotheses

  • True Stories Of The Paranormal

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • The New Mexico Mystery Rock * NEW *

  • Submit A Question / Tell Us A Real Life Ghost Story!

  • Links To Other Ghost Sites

    Our Team Members' Pages

  • NAI Team Leader

  • NAI Equipment Specialist

  • NAI Digital Specialist

    A list of some things to come:
    -Case studies from our team
    -A "famous hoaxes" page
    -A link to our Paranormal Parody page
    -The Arapaho cemetery investigation page
    -The Tunguska incident page

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