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Located near Tan Buu, 4 kilometres from Bien Hoa and 25 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City, Buu Long Lake is an artificial reservoir covering an area of more than 10 hectares. Buu Phong Mountain is reflected in itself on the water of the lake, creating a beautiful landscape that is often called 'Little Ha Long Bay.'

On the mountain is Buu Phong Pagoda built in 1676. Many ancient artifacts are kept there, such as clothing dating back to the Nguyen dynasty, a Buddha's head, and lying Buddha statues.

Near the pagoda is Long Dau Thach Grotto, meaning "Grotto of the Stone Dragon Head," containing many stalagtites of different shapes and sizes.

Buu Phong Pagoda

Buu Phong Pagoda was built in the seventeenth century on Buu Long Mountain, in Dong Nai province, 6 kilometres from Bien Hoa. Nearly 100 steps must be climbed to go up Buu Long Mountain and reach the pagoda. At first, the pagoda was only a thatch-roofed hut that was reconstructed more solemnly by master Phap Thong. The pagoda was renovated and enlarged again in 1829. More renovations were also made recently.