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Welcome to one of the worst websites ever...

Welcome to the worst web page in the universe, hosted by Angelfire. Angelfire is free, therefore millions of PC illiterate kids and adults have lame websites. I am now one of them as far as lame ass websites. For my cheap ass, this is perfect because nothing is better than free. And why spend money to host a website that very few will visit? Not only that, i'm not making any money off this thing so who gives a f***?


Live Journal
Goth Website
POW dedication page

FYI-We are still under construction

Unlike some sites, I do not claim to host a informative, productive website. This is indeed a website for me and a waste of space on the internet. I have neither the time nor desire to spend countless hours designing a web page that only a few will see. Thank through.
Oh...almost forgot, be sure to check out the worlds ugliest counter down below. It's an eye sore.