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**Past Shows**

Date: Monday July 29, 2002

Place: "The Space" Burlington, VT

Time: All Ages, 7PM, $5

Bands: Hudson Falcons, Harsh Abrasives, Reagonomics

Date: Saturday July 20, 2002

Place: "Lawrence K of C" Lawrence, MA

Time: All Ages, 5:30, $6

Bands: The Midnight Creeps, Blank Tradition, The Knox, the Wretched, The Mosquitos, Zippo Raid, Harsh Abrasives and Moments Til Death

Date: Friday July 19, 2002

Place: "Cafe Eclipse" Concord, NH

Time: All Ages, 8PM, $7

Place: Morbid Lobster, Roximonoxide, The Scenic Route, Troma Style, The Harsh Abrasives

Date: Saturday June 15, 2002

Place: "Bristol Skate and Music Fest" Bristol, VT

Time: All Ages, Noon to 10pm

Bands: Chronic Decay, Infantiphagia, Spies in America, Crush.Bastard.System, Fiesel, Force 57, Busey, My Revenge, Gnutar, The Reganomics, 13th Chair, The Harsh Abrasives and more

Date: Saturday April 13, 2002

Place: "Drifters" Nashua, NH

Time: 8PM, All Ages, $7

Bands: 5Bucks!, Likely Story, Stompin' Charlies, Cool Hands Luke, The Harsh Abrasives.

Date: Friday March 15, 2002

Place: "The Space" (above Battery St Jeans) Burlington, VT

Time: 7PM, All Ages, Free!

Bands: The Harsh Abrasives, I-7, Reaganonmics, Layton Avenue

Date: Tuesday February 26, 2002

Place: "Emerson College Caberet" Boston, MA

Time: 8PM, All Ages, Free!

Bands: The Harsh Abrasives, Knuckleduster.

Date: Saturday January, 26 2002

Place: "Drifters" Nashua, NH

Time: 7PM, All Ages, $7

Bands: Good For Life, The Harsh Abrasives, Tokyorose, Thee Mullets

Date:Saturday January 5, 2002

Place: "The Hot Couch" Elm St, Manchester, NH

Time: 5PM, All Ages, Free Show!

Bands: Jonee Earthquake Band, Caffeine Addiction, The Harsh Abrasives, Time For Change

Date:Saturday December 29, 2001

Place: "The Space" (Upstairs above Battery Street Jeans), 182 Battery St, Burlington, VT

Time: 5PM, All Ages, $5

Bands: Jonee Earthquake Band, Zippo Raid, The Harsh Abrasives, My Revenge, Scams, The Foodstamps, Koopa Troopas

Date: Saturday December 15, 2001

Place: "Lawrence Xmas Show" Knights of Columbus, Lawrence, MA

Time: 5:30, All Ages, $6

Bands: Jonee Earthquake Band, Midnight Creeps, Zippo Raid, Meat Depressed Boxing Water, Entropy, Impaled Milk, Blank Tradition, Caffeine Addiction, The Mosquitos, Kermit's Finger, Problem Child, Twisted Wreck, The Mosquitos, Chanticleer, The Harsh Abrasives

Date: Saturday November 17, 2001

Place: 242 Main, Burlington VT

Time: 8PM, All Ages, $5

Bands: Five Seconds Expired, The Harsh Abrasives, Gnutar, No Guarantee, Koopa Troopers    

Date: Saturday November 3, 2001

Place: Cafe Eclipse, Concord NH

Time: 7PM All Ages, Cost $7

Bands: Last Perfect Thing, Good For Life, And So It Begins, Zippergirl, The Harsh Abrasives

Date: Saturday September 15, 2001

Place: Knights of Columbus Hall, Lawrence, MA

Time: All Ages, 5:30pm, $6

Bands: Jonee Earthquake Band, Midnight Creeps, Boxingwater, Caffeine Addiction, Impaled Milk, New Standards, Zippo Raid, The Mosquitoes

Date:Wednesday August 22, 2001

Place: "Grand Stand" Caledonia County Fairgrounds, Lyndonville, VT

Time: All Ages, 9PM, $10 (gets you into the whole fair)

Bands: The Harsh Abrasives

**Early Show**

Date: Saturday July 28, 2001

Place: "Youth Convention" Danville Green, Danville VT

Time: All Ages, Noon, Free show!!

Bands: The Harsh Abrasives

**Late Show**

Date: Saturday July 28, 2001

Place: Littleton Elks Club, Littleton, NH

Time: All Ages, 6:30 $5

Bands: The Delegates, The Dummies, Foreign Policy, The Harsh Abrasives, The Hotties

Sunday July 22, 2001- Higher Ground, Winooski

"Punk Main Event: Round 3" Meat Depressed, Jonee Earthquake Band, Boxingwater, Cheux

Friday May 25, 2001-Danville, VT

"Spring Fling 2" Jack of Clubs

Friday May 18, 2001

"242 Main" Burlington, VT

5% Joe, Caralina, North 7

Saturday May 5, 2001

St. Johnsbury, VT

Foreign Policy, Jack of Clubs

Friday April 6, 2001

"Barre Auditorium" Barre, VT

Prisoner13, CHEUX, The Foodstamps, Companyfront, The Harsh Abrasives, Day of Reckoning

Thursday April 5, 2001

"Arts Festival Week, DHS" Danville, VT

March 2001- Higher Ground, Winooski, VT

"Punk Rock Main Event: Round 2" Cheat To Win, Cheux

February 2001- Alexander Twilight Theater, Lyndonville, VT
January 2001- Great View Roller Rink, Enfield NH

Rumble #10 "The Old Scene VS. The New Scene" River City Rebels, Blind Luck, Bow to None, Hemlock Verdict, Cheat to win, Food Stamps, Cheux, Seppuku

January 2001- 242 Main, Burlington

Agent Suicide & The Bazookas

October 2000- Unitarian Church, Montpelier

Suspended Sentence, Ninja Death Squad, Cappicino Jelly Beans, Neil, Phil, Ninja Turtles, & others

September 2000- Higher Ground, Winooski

"Punk Rock Main Event: Round 1" Tommy & the Terrors, Pug Uglies, River City Rebels, Ninja Death Squad

June 2000- Unitarian Church, Montpelier

Toxic Narcotic, River City Rebels, Darkbuster, Meat Depressed, Suspended Sentence, Ninja Turtles, & others

June 2000- "Skate Aid" Chester Skate Park

Boxing Water, McAsh, TIP, Blind Luck, Color Blind, Milton

May 2000- "Spring Fling" Danville High School

Jack of Clubs

April 2000- Flat street, Brattleboro

River City Rebels, The Damaged, Super Spies

***We didn't play our first show until 1 year after starting the band! How sad is that?***