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Older News

July 25th 2001

Punk Rock Main Event: Round 3 was very interesting. We did more promotion than the previous 2 shows and drew less than half the people than Round 2. We were very disappointed by the lack of people who showed up. A wise philosopher(sp?) once said "Shit happens". We found this out the hard way. Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves a great deal. Meat Depressed, Jonee Earthquake Band, Boxingwater, and Cheux all had great sets & we were glad that we invited this lineup.

We head into the studio tomorrow (July 26) to begin recording our as yet untitled full length record. Throughout the month of June and 1st half of July we practiced 2 to 3 times a week for aproximatly 3 hours per session. The new material is ready to be put down on tape!!!

July 8th 2001


June 21st 2001

Hey everybody!! Here is a little info for you... We will be recording in July at Mojo Sound Studios in Franconia, NH. We are really excited to finally get the chance to lay the newer material down on tape and put out another release. As you may or may not have known our last release was The Bathroom Demo in March of 2000 and we are way over due for another recording.

We plan to release this as our first full length CD. Studio time permitting, we plan to record the following songs: Just Another Unity Song, Pool, Light At the End, Some Fun, Surf Nazis Must Die, Same Shit Different Day, For The Kids, I Love MacDonalds, What To Believe, Halitosis, Persevere, The World I See... Of those songs, 4 are brand new, 2 will be rerecorded from our first demo & the rest we either play live on a regular basis or have in the past.

May 25th 2001

Hey all. We played in St. Johnsbury early this month and it was great!! We had a last minute venue change, which was a bit of a bummer, but it all turned out good in the end. At the end of the show, members of Jack of Clubs, Foreign Policy and us did an inspiring rendition of Bro Hymn by Pennywise. It was fun and it gave me reassurance that there is indeed unity in this scene.

We played 242 on the 18th. It was fun. We played with some talented bands: some sounded like Weezer but looked like Phish and others wore complete suits of duct tape (ouch!). Very cool and very painful. It was great to play 242 again. Many thanx to Simon Brody for booking us. Stay tuned for the full lineup of Punk Rock Main Event: Round 3, see shows page for details!!

May 9th 2001

We have been interviewed by CrUsh Zine. This is a free zine and if you would like to get a free copy Email: or write to Kendra Not, Box 817, 337 College Hill, Johnson, VT, 05656. We have posted the transcript in our new Interviews section. Also, bands if you want to be included in the zine, Email your info to the above address.

Come see us rock 242 Main on Friday May 18! Show will probably start around 7 or 8 and will be about $5.

April 30th 2001

Check out our new T-shirts in the Merch section!! They look great and are only $6 at shows. Can't beat that deal with a stick.

Punk Rock Main Event: Round 3 is going to rock!! We are still waiting to hear back from a couple of huge bands, so stay tuned cause you aren't gonna want to miss this one! See the Shows page for that info + we hope to see you at a show soon. Rock on...

April 8th 2001

We had a great time at the Barre show this weekend! There was a large crowd turnout, lots of great bands, and free pizza at the end (it doesn't get any better than that!) Thanx to Kristin for hooking us up with the show, thanx to Billy "the punk rock salesman" Kittridge, Emily, and Evan for rocking the merch table all night & to everyone who bought our shit.

Keep checking back for tons of spring/summer shows! We have some new T-shirts, see the Merch page for details. Later!

March 19th 2001

Well, this weekend started out really bad and turned completly 180 degrees....

First off, the 3/17 show at the Unitarian was canceled because the PA was stolen. This really upset us because we wanted to play and now the Unitarian is banning shows until the PA is recovered. Thanx to Racheal for booking us anyway. TO THE PERSON(S) WHO STOLE THE PA WE WOULD LIKE TO SAY "FUCK YOU AND THANX FOR RUINING IT FOR EVERYBODY"

Punk Rock Main Event: Round 2 turned out to be much different than we anticipated. Both The Unseen and The Lost City Angels were unable to make the show. This set us back for a minute. We then proceeded to lower the door price to $5 and us CTW and Cheux rocked out just the three of us. It was a short show (like two hours max), but I know that I had a hell of a good time and things went well considering the situation.

Thanx to Alex and Matt @ Higher Ground for letting us book and for being totally understanding. Those guys are great, and we really appreciate their help with this show.

After the show we went over to 242 and saw the Hudson Falcons and River City Rebels play. Both those bands totally blew the place up! Thanx to Mark from the Hudson Falcons for boosting our spirits by dedicating two songs to us... As well as Dan from RCR giving us a shout out too! That really made our day. Stay tuned for more news....

Feb 25th 2001

We played our 1st show with Kenn behind the drum kit on Wednesday the 21st. It was kinda cool + we have never sounded better! It was in a theater and there was like maybe 450 kids.... but they were all sitting down in seats! I sort of felt like I was in the Dave Matthews band or something. How funny is that? See you hooligans in March!!

Feb 19th 2001

After a little less than a month of practicing with Kenn "The Weasel" Austin behind the drums, we are convinced that we have made a great decision with adding him as our 4th member. Not only is he a good drummer, but he has learned a good portion of our songs already too! Adding another guitar to our arsenal has made our sound more technical and full as well. We look forward to rocking out harder than ever! Come see our new lineup March 17 in Montpelier and March 18 in Winooski!! See shows page for details of our upcoming dates. Rock N Roll forever!!

Jan 30th 2001

Some big news: This week we will be trying Jack of Clubs drummer Kenn "The Weasel" Austin out for our drum position in hopes of expanding our horizons a bit. Ryan will make the move from the drums to 2nd guitar. Adam will sing on half the songs and play guitar/sing on the other half. If all goes well, than we will try this new lineup at our next show.

Jan 23rd 2001

The Rumble in Enfield was a great time for us. We saw some old friends, met some new friends & had ourselves a great time. We played 2nd on the bill (we were listed as an "old scene" band, which was cool!!) and got a pretty good response from the crowd. Not many kids in that area knew us, but nevertheless it was a great time. I gotta tell you, it was the quickest 10 band show that we have ever been involved with! (we have played 3 ten band shows by the way). Having two stages was the coolest idea, it kinda reminded me of a mini warped tour or something. Anyway, thanx to Dan from RCR for hooking us up!!

In other news, I have been working my arse off putting together "Punk Rock Main Event: Round 2", the follow up to the first one held at Higher Ground last Sept. This one will be held Sunday March 18 and is going to rock the roof off HG!! See the shows section for bands who will be featured this time around. Til then.... See you later!!

Jan 9th 2001

The 242 show was yet another fun + sloppy performance for us. There was a pretty good crowd for this one (maybe around 45 or so) and we were so pumped to play. We were last to play & while we set up lots of kids left and we ended out playing for about 15 to 20 people. It was still fun though. We test drove 2 brand spankin' new tunes and they sounded pretty good for the first try. Big thanx to 242 for hooking us with a good show and with great sound. We hope to play there again soon. See you all in Enfield!!

Jan 2nd 2001

Happy New Year everyone! Lots of stuff happening with us as of late. We will be playing @ 242 Main on Sat Jan 6th + Rumble #10 "The Old Scene vs. The New Scene" on Jan 21st. See the shows page for details.

Recording will be pushed back again because of shows and some other issues. I'm not sure when it will happen, but hopefully we will do it in Feb sometime. See you in B-town and Enfield!

Nov 26th 2000

Recording is being pushed back to the first week of January. We want to make sure that all of the new material is 100% complete before we get in the studio. The new demo will most likely have 10 unrecorded songs (5 of them brand new) and possibly 1 that will be rerecorded from the first demo.

We have been working hard to write good solid songs for this upcoming demo. The new songs have a bit more structure and promise to be just as good as all of the older stuff. If you have seen us play lately than you will probably recognise the some of the new material. Though there are about 5 or 6 new songs that have not been test driven live yet.

We have some new merch now also! Cloth patches and road signs (not real ones, although that would be kinda cool!) See the Merch page for details. That is it for now. More to come...

Oct 29th 2000

Hey boys & girls, Our 2nd time playing The Unitarian was a lot of fun & exhausting at the same time! Buddy & and Adam had a soccer game, so they got to the show late, while our good friend Evan & I (Ryan) got to the show around 4:00. It was cool to hang out with our pals Suspended Sentence again and I'm glad that they made the long ass trip up to Montpelier.

Throughout the course of the 7+ hours we were there, we saw a ton of great bands & also saw an Emo band verbally forced (buy the crowd) to stop their set. (I guess the majority of the people didn't like them). Needless to say, there were a whole slew of talented bands that came and rocked out at this show.

We hit the stage dead last at somewhere around 11:20pm. Though we were tired as hell, we put the rest of our energy into that set. I think it was the shortest and sloppiest set we have ever played, nevertheless, it was a lot of fun! Big thanx to everyone who stayed nearly 8 hours to see us play & also to Racheal Crawford for booking us. Till next time, Rock N Roll kids!

Oct 20th 2000

We are planning to record around the 3rd weekend in Nov & the new demo will feature somewhere between 8 to 12 brand new songs. We have just been added to the roster for the 10 band punk show in Monpelier on Oct 28th. See the shows page for details.

Also, we might have a really big show lined up in Dec. We'll give details as we find out. See you in Montpelier!

Sept. 26th 2000

Hey Sports fans! We would like to thank everyone who came out to the Higher Ground show and rocked out with us + bought our stuff! That show was sooo much fun. We played a bit sloppy (what can you expect, we haven't played a show in 3 months!) but everyone seemed to be into it and that was cool. Big thanx to Alex & Matt of Higher Ground for their support in getting this show organized. Also, big thanx to The Pug Uglies, Tommy & the Terrors, The River City Rebels & Ninja Death Squad for making this one killer rock n roll show! All of them had amazing sets. Last but not least, big thanx to Ryan Norton, Lauren Oberle-Hall, Emi Richardson & everyone who helped with the merch table. We have a few shows close to being confirmed, so check back soon. Catch you later.

Sept. 1st 2000

Merch pics are up, plus some new band pics. More lyrics are up now also. The old counter died, so now we have a new one. See ya in Winooski on Sept. 24th!

Aug. 19th 2000

Hey gang! Soon there will be pictures of the merch, as soon as I get the camera. We haven't been doing many shows lately, but we have been writing new material (6 songs) and are going to hit the studio in the fall sometime (tentativly November). We are sending in songs for different comps and we will give details as they come to us. We are working hard to get a shows, so keep checking in every once in a while. til then, see ya later...

July 18th 2000 We have a show at Higher Ground in Winooski being lined up right now for Sept. We are bringing 3 Boston bands up to play and The River City Rebels. See SHOWS page for more details...
July 7th 2000

We have a couple of shows in the makings for August and September, so keep checking back for that. We also have some new merch too. See ya.

June 21th 2000

Hey there kids! The Montpelier show rocked hard!! Thanx to everyone who showed up early to catch us open the 9 band extravaganza (is that how you spell it?). We were really pleased with the amount of support that we received from the crowd and other bands too. Not very many things could have gone better for us. I wish that we would have gotten some pics of this show, but we didn't. Maybe next time. However, we did get the set video taped. Pretty cool. Here Ryan's overview of the other sets:

I missed the 2nd band BFD, because I was loading my drum set back into the car. sorry. //The Ninja Turtles were pretty cool and had a big local following. Interesting rock N roll those Turtles did do. //Meat Depressed was a great pop punk band. They played a great set. I chatted with those guys after our set and they were super nice. //Tresemblic shift (?) was a talented and scary math hardcore band. That guy had a voice that all Hardcore bands dream of. //Suspended Sentence totally rock the place up! These guys were awesome guys to hear + hang with. Great set. //Toxic Narcotic tore the place down. The entire set was like 165 mph. Need I say more. //Darkbuster was a great surprise to see. I didn't know what to expect. They were raw pop Punk and very drunk too + they were fun to see. They hate The Unseen, but I didn't dare ask why... //The River City Rebels were the most energetic band of the night. Those guys always put on a great show and I like what they have to offer to the scene. Good stuff.

Well, that is a mouthful. The whole show was a complete success! Keep checking back here for more news. We are planning on setting a show up @ 242 in Burlington in August, so look for that a bit later. More than likely we will take the month of July off, because Buddy and Adam are going to be gone for a week or two. Until then...

June 13th 2000

The show @ the Chester Skate Park was a semi success for us + it was fun (even if no one gave a damn for our set). We test drove 3 new songs for the first time live and were happy with the way they sounded. We managed to get there early despite the 2+ hour drive and found ourselves unloading all of our gear in a scorching 90 degree blanket of air. Damn it was hot! Just thinking of it makes me sweat.

We opened the 6 band rock N roll Skate Aid and managed to pull off 7 or 8 songs in 20 minutes or so. I (Ryan) kept having problems with my drumset. 1st the snare fell in my lap and than one of my cymbals fell over (thanx to the guy who picked it up for me during the song). Needless to say, I think we played fine and it was too bad that more people didn't get into us. Nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves and were glad to be a part of the show! Milton, McAsh, Color Blind and Boxingwater had steller sets also.

May 24th 2000

We have been writing new material recently and will begin test driving it at our upcoming shows (see shows page for dates). Toxic Narcotic, Suspended Sentence, and River City Rebels will be playing the Montpelier show, all the more reason to go! (besides seeing the one and only Harsh Abrasives) See you there...

April 24th 2000

We are booked to play a large (6 or 7 band) show June 17th in Monpelier, VT. There is going to be a bunch of cool bands, so mark your calendar.

April 19th 2000

The Brattleboro show on the 8th was awesome. There were about 35 kids outside and about 15 inside. Too many cheap punks couldn't pay the $5 to see 4 good bands I guess. Oh well. We had a great time anyway. I (Ryan) would like to thank the Super Spies for sticking around after their set and letting me use their drum kit. Also, thanx to the kids who actually paid and had a good time and to Dan O' Day from The River City Rebels for inviting us to play. More shows being lined up, so keep checking back here at The Harsh Abrasives headquarters.

April 4th 2000

We have been invited to play @ the Brattleboro Skate park on Sat. April 8th. We are so excited and are rushing to get ready. Details (and maybe some pics) from the show coming later...

March 22nd 2000

The recording is complete! "The Bathroom Demo" sound quality is great. Go to the Merch page and buy it and also check out the story behind the demo Here

March 15th 2000

March 18th 2000 is the date that we will record our long awaited demo. Should have between 8 and 10 songs on it. Nate from Assassin Records will be doing the recording & mixing. We will give you details on how it went soon. A sounds page should be up sometime in the next month or so and band pics will be added also.

March 8th 2000

We have almost decided on a final date to record. We just have to contact Nate from Assassin Records! We are in the beginning stages of setting up a quote/unquote demo release party at a soon to be determined club. Hopefully it will work out and if it does, we are going to try to get a couple of other bands to play also. We will keep you posted.

Feb. 18th 2000

Look for Pics (I know, I gotta scan them soon) , and more merch coming soon too! We will put up a sounds page once the demo is complete. Shows are starting to develope, so check back.

Feb. 14th 2000

It appears that we will be recording the demo eariler than expected! Nate from Assassin Records has asked us to record our first demo with the label. A recording date has not yet been determined, but it looks like it will be within the next 2 weeks! More than likely there is going to be between 6 to 8 songs on it. We will keep you posted as more info comes to us.

Feb. 9th 2000

We have more merchandise for sale, so check out the Merch page for details (good stuff, so buy some!) We have a few shows in the making, but nothing confirmed as of yet, keep checking back to the Shows page, for that info.

Jan. 30th 2000

We rerecorded two songs that will appear on the VT Punk comp being put out by Assassin Records. The two songs are "Sick of Your Complaining" (A Reggae/Punk song) and "I love McDonalds" (A Garage Punk Song). This recording came out as professional as it could with a boom box. Here is a quote from Ryan: "Damn that sounds good!" We will try recording those two songs again, and will send the best two to Assassin. We'll keep you posted as to when the comp will be released.

Jan. 27th 2000 It looks like we are going to be included on a VT Punk comp put out by Assassin Records! We will be rerecording the two songs that are going to be on it. We will give more details on this later. Check out Assassin Records here
Jan. 15th 2000

We recorded an 8 song "boom box" demo at the Danville School Auditorium. I was happy with the way things sounded, though our timing was a bit off. We will use this as our make shift demo until we record in March.

Tentative Demo recording plans are set for March 2000. We have narrowed the studio choices to either a small VT studio, or a good sized one in NH. We won't reveal any names until a final decision is made.

Jan 13 2000

Page Is born.