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Band History

Who are The Harsh Abrasives?

We are one fast paced, tight, agression-filled Punk Rock machine! This monster Rock force is stationed straight out of Caledonia County VT.

How it all started (Here is the short version to a long story):

The band began its journey in late April of 1999. Adam and Buddy (Guitar and Bass men) had stopped doing shows with The Blistered Pickles,(They had been playing in that band since 1994) and were just hanging out for the time being. Ryan (Drums) had stopped doing shows with Gibby Gabby, and was going nowhere musically, so the 3 decided to start another Punk band. Thus, bring forth THE HARSH ABRASIVES! Kenn joined the band in February 2001 on drums and Ryan moved to guitar.

Current Line Up (February 2001 to Present):

Original Line Up (April 1999 to January 2001):

The Style:

We play Punk Rock N Roll. Every now and again we throw a catchy Reggae line into a song. Our songs range from Politics to Anti chewing gum, from "the Punk scene" to life in the working class, from playing pool to over coming adversity.

Band Influences: (I have to be careful, Adam will kill me if I put a band that is not approved!)

Bad Brains, NOFX, The Vandals, The Bouncing Souls, Youth Brigade, & The Queers (a little maybe).

Similar Bands:

None dammit!!

What makes us unique from other bands?

Maybe you should check us out, if you haven't already, and see what these 4 average youths think about what's going on out there. Personally, what I (Ryan) think makes The Harsh Abrasives stand in a select region of Punk bands is the fact that we think with our own heads. We're not just going to regurgitate what has already been said a million times. Our views are much different from those of other bands and that is why I like being in this band. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know that it sounds like I am glorifying my own band, but I'm not. Trust me. The Harsh Abrasives do indeed rock with a different frame of mind.....