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Jim Casey's Vermont Drums

Jim Casey's Vermont Drums


Jasmine Guitars by Takamine

At Jim Casey's Vermont Guitars I give you personalized service on the selection of your  Jasmine Guitar, my lowest prices, and fast, courteous service. You won't find any shopping cart site here just excellent prices and great service!

For fastest response e-mail me at!

313 Stevens Lane
Barton, Vermont  05822

Phone: (802) 525-4909 eFax: (603) 719-8193
(Best time to call is between 12 NOON and 10:00 PM Eastern Time)

Jasmine Guitars by Takamine

Dreadnought Guitars

The Following Jasmine Guitars carry 

Limited Lifetime Warranties

All Guitars come with Nato Necks and Ping Tuning Machines


If you could see inside a Jasmine Dreadnought Guitar by Takamine, you'd see its true beauty. Skilled  guitar craftsmen, using time-tested construction methods along with contemporary styling, have created acoustic/electric guitars with powerful resonance. Thanks to built-in preamps and sensitive pickups, these instruments have a clean and distinct bass and treble range.

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Dreadnaught Guitar


list price $ 289.50

My Price $ 212.65

The S32 Guitar is a high quality entry-level priced dreadnaught which features a spruce top and mahogany back and sides provide a bright and clear acoustic sound.  Now with a gloss finish.



list price $ 449.50

My Price $ 324.65

The ES31C Guitar is a gloss black, spruce topped cutaway dreadnought features the Takamine DJ-2 preamp.


Thinline Guitars, 12 String Guitars
& Acoustic Bass Guitars

A seductive body shape, unique materials, and an acoustic/electric package are precisely why Artist Series Thinline Guitars are in such demand by players of all styles.  The arched top and back show off gloss black, flamed or stained woods.  Superb volume, tonal punch, and stellar good looks make these instruments a sheer joy to play.

Thinline Guitar

list price $ 699.50

My Price $ 499.65

The TS91C Guitar is a gloss black thinline cutaway arched top and back with Original  3-band Takamine TK-3 preamp.



list price $ 699.50

My Price $ 499.65

The TS90CDW Guitar is the thinline cutaway artist body in burled dark walnut stain and features the original Takamine 3-band preamp.


list price $ 739.50

My Price $ 527.65

Acoustic Bass

The Jasmine ES100C acoustic/electric Jumbo bass cutaway guitar is a true professional performance instrument.  Acoustically, it produces a rich bottom end.  Amplified, it delivers a thunderous all-wood "unplugged" sound thanks to a custom designed EQ-3 preamp. The fingerboard, headstock, and body are all bound.  The fine radius of the 34" scale fingerboard gives this neck extremely fast action.


12 String

list price $ 429.50

My Price $ 310.65

The ES312 is a spruce topped, nato back and sides 12-string acoustic/
electric cutaway
Dreadnaught guitar
featuring the DJ-2


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