Sample serves

NOTE the following are book serves examples ( 5 per page also please also refer to other sample serves )

ALSO NOTE: for the following samples - wherever servery is used replace with kitchen... wherever chillery is used replace with either cool room or cold room, in keeping with the books.

Page 1 has: Paga Sa-tarna; Ka-la-na; Kalda;  Blackwine; Mead

Page 2 has: Ale; Ta wine;  Rence beer; Turian liqueur wine;  Sorp Chowder

Page 3 has Bazi tea; Bosk and bread; Fruit and cheese; Larma with syrup; Stuffed mushrooms



Paga Sa-tarna; Ka-la-na; Kalda;  Blackwine; Mead


Paga sa-tarna

A strong fermented drink brewed from sa-tarna (pagar-sa-tarna or Pleasure of the Life- Daughter) grain, the favored drink of Gorean men. A cup in a paga tavern would cost a tarsk bit.  Paga is served warmed to fiery hot. a distilled hard liquor akin to whiskey.  in GS paga is served hot in clay footed bowls unless the One you serve request a cold paga, in this case it is dipped out of the large vat/barrel in the chillery.  hot paga is stirred and dipped from the largest kettle/cauldron over the fire
Book 2: Outlaw of Gor, page 74
Book 8: Raiders of Gor, pages 100, 102, 111 and 113
Book 9: Marauders of Gor, pages 22 and 23
Book 15: Rogue of Gor, page 78
Book 24: Vagabonds of Gor, page 16

jacia {GS} - Paga
"may jaci have the honor of serving One of her Betters this nite?" she smiles.
His voice lifts commandingly, "Bring Me hot paga slave."
her heart leaps with joy, "Yes Master right away!" *S*
The crispness of the cool winds rolling off of the Thassa tickle the slave's nostrils with its special fragrance ... she inhales deeply her full breasts rising with a subtle hint of a shimmering red rose she rises to her complete height....her curvious form wrapped up within the arms of the moonlight as she pivots and turns towards the servery...her steps carried with grace like the warmth of angel's breath....

Cinnamon kissed emerald eyes begin a perilous but not impossible search to find a bowl worthy of befitting the strong hand of the Master she serves....a twinkle gleams from atop:
~*~soft blue crystal kissed with a golden rim~*~

upon lithe tiptoes she stretches....her peach nipples pressing deeply into the hardwood shelves above her...a soft yet deep moan comes forth from lush pink lips a gasp of passion as she feels them ripening.....she gently wraps a little hand around the bowl and slowly but surely brings it down with the greatest of care....for a moment the slave pauses, as she rests it close to her strongly beating slave heart...smiling as she feels the flicker of the fires within her belly begin to take hold....turning slightly she slides over and runs the cool rim of the bowl along her inviting inner thigh...a purr escapes her....feeling her fires flaming higher she inches the rim closer to her well rounded hip feeling out for any flaws that would dare to harm the Master's lips this nite.....she smiles with brightness as she notices it perfect....reaching for a clean white cloth, she polishes it inside and out thoroughly....thus, she holds it up to the that the warm caress of the 3 Moons can bathe it with it's blessings....

Gently cradling the bowl again closely to her heart she feels the rich hardy aroma of the paga steaming from its home within the fire if by pure instinct, she turns and pads softly upon dancer's toes over....the heat from the flames flickering around the kettle seem to lap and lick longingly at the girls soft peach flesh...her mind pauses quietly thinking to herself of that being a Master's hands...a Master's tongue...a Master's tongue....enticing her to what she is...His forever.....a gasp of pleasure comes forth thru her kissable lips as she lifts the lid of the kettle slowly and to the side, thus her glittering green eyes spy a beautiful silver ladle.....reaching with her free hand, she takes it to herself.....she runs the rim of it along the sculpted curvature of her well insuring that of only the greatest safety as it will not pass on any malady to the Handsome Master in which she serves........a slow drawn out purr lulls from her...her catlike eyes look towards the Master in which commanded her to serve Him....knowing He can hear her every breath, every beat of her obedient slaveheart....smiling as the ladle is free she dips it into the rich fluid...the strong musk seeping from it surrounding her...she looks within the recesses of the beverage...envisioning a Master's strong and demanding yet loving eyes staring straight into her soul....she takes a deep breath feeling the hot caress of the steam coaxing her nipples to ripen further as she draws forth a generous amount of the paga and watches with loving emerald orbs as it pools and fills the bowl 3/4 to the rim...joyous it is full she replaces the ladle as well as the lid....and prepares to make her way back to the Master...

That same refreshing air of the Thassa again wraps itself like a Master's powerful arms round her as she steps quickly yet carefully out of the servery....she looks up briefly catching His appraising gaze upon her she feels the intangible but very present force of His aura calling her to Him...she takes a deep breath as she moves closer to Him feeling every drawn into His power, her body moves with serpentine allure and grace to His feet....where she slips down slowly, her luscious thighs parted with natural instinctiveness..revealing her treasures to Him...she moves the bowl down her fiery slave belly...presses it to thus feeling her deepest innermost Fires raging deeply knowing that they will extinguish any impurities that would dare to harm Him she lifts it up to her obedient slave heart and counts 1...for love...2..for passion...3...for dedication...4...for pleasure...5...for submission....her heartbeat thundering within her ears as she lifts the bowl high enough so He need not strain Himself her head dips deeply in between sunkissed hair brushes softly over her smooth shoulder her voice gentle and loving softly lifts....

~*~Master, jaci thanks You for the Honor of serving You and brings You this hot paga....may it refresh and invigorate You as well as bring Peace to Your Heart, Mind, Body, and well jaci also prays that her service unto You this nite was in a small way pleasing to Your Eyes~*~


A very potent dry red wine made from the fruit of the Ka-la-na tree and is said to have an aphrodisiac effect on females.  in GS kalana would normally be served chilled in a goblet but can also be offered room temperature, these bottles would be on a shelf in the servery, the chilled red kalana is in bottles in the cold room.  the prepared empty goblet and the bottle of kalana is to be taken to the Masters feet where it will be uncorked using your teeth, the cork not to be touched by your hands

sha {SB}

sasha enters the tavern through the trap door.  Her lithe body moves sexily across the room......... she kneels on the serving furs,  her body barely covered by white silks,  she whispers in a sweet sexy voice
may she serve this evening??

He responds.......yes ......please serve Me chilled ka-la-na

she nods and answers yes Master,  her emerald green eyes twinkling with delight to be able to serve she rises to tiny feet she moves slowly back three steps slowly turning her long golden blonde hair swishing about.. ....padding softly across the room to the servery sasha looks among the shelves for the perfect goblet in which to serve His ka-la-na

finding the most beautiful sparkling golden brass goblet on a high shelf she reaches for it,  her cute little rask showing beneath sheer white silks.....long slender fingers reaching and grasping such goblet,   she tests it against the sweet tender skin of her neck,   finding no flaws she grabs a rep cloth and polishes it to a gleaming shine

sasha  moves slowly...sensuously across the room,   her body quivering with untapped
desires as she reaches the door to the chillery.   she tugs mightily at the door
and gains entrance.   she shivers as the cool air caresses her supple body,  she finds a bottle of ka-la-na and quickly exits the chillery.......she moves again with sensuous, eager movements to His furs

she kneels at His feet and smiles sweetly at the sexy Master,  picking up the bottle of ka-la-nand placing pearly white teeth on the cork she tugs the cork releases she pours the goblet to the rim with the sweet ka-la-na   she replaces the cork and puts the bottle close to His feet. sasha picks up the goblet and moves it along closed thighs,   across her sleek belly,  up to her slave heart where she stops to the beat of three...........showing her love, devotion and desire to be a pleasurable slave,  then raises the goblet to her soft lips and places a kiss on the side of the goblet.   she raises the goblet up and out ward towards Master as her head bows between slender arms. 

Master may this ka-la-na refresh You,  and may sasha's serve be pleasing and also refreshing to You.


An alcoholic beverage made of ka-la-na wine diluted with citrus juices and mixed with strong spices, served hot in a clay footed bowl, the prepared bowl to be taken to the chillery to add a small measure of assorted juices of tospit, larma and ramberry, the selected fruits used should be mentioned during this serve, when leaving the chillery stop at the counter and add a pinch of spice from the jar there before going to the small kettle of heated kalana over the fire, DO NOT stir this kettle as it is said that the sediment of this heated kalana is most unpleasant so just scoop from the top and add to the fruit juice and spice
Outlaw of Gor page 76


Yes Master, destiny will be pleased to serve You kalda...
~rocking up from bended knees backing 3 dainty steps deep valley of voluptuous orbs inviting the Masters view... then swirling enticingly pon dancer balls of feet she pivots round and moves to the servery... sultry sway of hypnotic hips heightened neath the shimmery material of crimson silks... golden locks trail sensually down supple back caressing lush form in silken halo...~

~warm blues steal a quick glimpse of One she serves pliable body curls round the servery's entrance awash of silken desires... roaming blues scan the shelves for the *perfect* vessel from which the Master will drink from... umming and ahhhing as slender fingers trace their delectable trail cross the different drinking implements... shimmering blues twinkle with delight as the *perfect* footed bowl is found... slipping up to kajira tippy toes stretching lithe form taut... diaphenous silks rise revealing creamy sassy ass... deft fingers grasp at the footed bowl and finally has firm hold cradles it tween the cavernous depths of pert breasts...~

~ripe globe falling out of loose silks folds... soft roseate tip flowering into hardened bud... running the rim agonisingly slow cross such tender flesh... dark lashes encasing warm blues in low moan... swan like neck arching up... the swirling vessel alighting already simmering core to a bright blaze... warm blues flying open finding the vessel suitable to grace the Masters lips... skirting across the cold depths of the chillery... sassy ass teasing as it flits from one side of the servery to the other... slender fingers absentmindedly slide gratuitously up and down the length of the handle in suggestive undertones... stealing hot form for the chill onslaught as Winters Kiss devours... slipping inside out of the Masters view...~

~warm depths of kajira core unscathed as she emerges... lil icicles melt as hot essence curls through wanton form... footed bowl filled partially with the juices from ramberries, larma and tospit... remembering the spices she leaps across to add a generous pinch... hypnotic sway as she walks to the fires... flames of red and orange dancing enticingly pon golden flesh... adding to the building warmth that sets kajira *on fire*... ladle scooping the simmering kalana into the deep cavernous depths of the bowl... careful not to disturb the sediment sitting on the bottom... kalda assaulting olfactory senses... padding back to the Master...~

~low undulating deliberate sway... golden curls framing heartshaped face in ethereal halo... rise and fall of silks revealing then concealing the pleasurable creamy flesh contained tween satiny thighs... shimmering to well worn knees at the Masters feet... brazen flesh of desirous thighs part ooooooooooh sooooooooo achingly wide... allowing the Master an unobstructed view of shaven mound before the vessel is placed at the juncture... pliabe back arching itself up thrusting out succulent orbs as though ripe fruit for the Master to pluck... lean arms rest gently pon spread thighs... white underside bared reinforcing her submission...~

~slender fingers curling round vessel full of kalda as it begins its curvaceous ascent... stirring wanton belly to full fire as it passes... onto kajira heart where she pauses briefly whispering a silent prayer for the Masters health... up and over voluptuous globes to the summit of lush lips... searing succulent kiss into the side of the vessel before holding the bowl high aloft heartshaped face...~
Master destiny hopes this kalda quenches Your thirst... ~whispering~ and in some way destiny's serve was found pleasing


Brewed from the blackwine beans grown primarily in Thentis.. rather expensive due to limited trading of this product.. very similar to Urthen coffee although much stronger   Served in GS in bowls (Masters) and small cups (Mistress), and found brewing in a kettle above the flames of the fire pit. A strong and bitter brew made from ground beans and added hot water.   Can be served first or second slave and you should find out how the Master wishes it first.   Originally the first slave and second slave came about as two slaves would serve the first slave blackwine, First slave signifying that the free person wishes sugars and bosk milk added to the brew. Originally (from the books) the first slave and second slave came about as two slaves would serve the blackwine, the first slave being the one that gathered the cups, and took the order and overseen that the beverage was prepared according to how it was ordered, including adding the sugars and cream at that time, the second slave being the one that poured the blackwine. Take a tray and place the prepared bowl, both sugar bowls (yellow & white), a small clay jug of bosk cream (fetched from the chillery) and a spoon then fill the bowl with blackwine from the fire pit. Add the sugars and milk at the Masters feet then continue with normal offering.   Second slave is served black
Tribesman of Gor page 89

fallen angel
~*taking a deep breath she places her palms upon her thighs and pushes herself up from the furs in one fluid yet graceful movement and spins on the balls of her feet. the strong turning pivot of her step sends her scarlet silks fluttering around her supple form, exposing long, toned dancer legs. The soft sweet jingle of little gold slave bells upon her slender ankles the only sound in the tavern. The soft feminine scent of musk lingering behind her. smiling softly to herself she hums a soft tune, hips rocking  seductively as she walks to the servery~*

~*Sapphire pools scan the counter, searching for a bowl suitable for the Mistress, not too big not too small. Reaching forward, fingertips gently brush over a bowl the perfect size, she tries to grasp it but cant quite take hold of it.   With a soft grunt she jumps up once, twice, thrice, trying to take hold of the bowl in between her fingers. Blowing away an errant strand of hair she concentrates really hard on the bowl, almost willing it to come to her. She jumps for a fourth and final time, the milky white of her legs and soft feminine curve of her well-rounded ass briefly exposed as her fingertips finally grasp the bowl. Clutching it to her breast she takes out a clean rep~clothe and wipes it, removing any traces of dust or particles that may have gathered on it while it was on the shelf.  Soft finger tips gently trace the rim of the bowl, making it is safe for the Mistress' lips.   she places the bowl upon a tray. Next to the bowl she places the small bowl of sugars and a spoon and makes her way to the coolroom.  she tugs hard on the handle of the coolroom door, grunting softly as she pulls and pulls on the handle until it finally opens, a cool chill washes over her milky white flesh as she walks inside and selects the small jugs of bosk milk and bosk cream.  With a soft nudge of her well rounded hips she closes the coolroom door*~ 

~*she walks to the fire pit, the leaping flames casting a glow of gold over her supple form, the heat of the fire warming her to the tips of her toes. she kneels before the fire pit and places the tray beside her.  she pics up the bowl and places it firmly between her thighs.  Taking hold of a rep clothe she folds it into a thick piece to make sure she doesn't burn her hand on the kettle.  Taking the kettle in her right hand she fills the bowl with the black wine, its strong smell wafting up, lingering around her. carefully she replaces the kettle on the firepit and places the bowl upon the tray. Rocking back upon her hells she rises and picks up the tray and carefully weaves through the scattered furs and tables around the Tavern making her way back to the Mistress she is serving. a soft smile caress her flawless complexion reaching to her dimples as she reaches Her~*

 ~*she kneels before Her,  milky white thighs gently kissing. she lowers her long sooty lashes, the soft shadow of her lashes upon  her flawless alabaster complexion.  she quietly inquires how the Mistress would like her blackwine served.  Hearing the request for two sugars and a lil bosk cream she diligently adds the sugars and cream, stirring it with a spoon so the sugar dissolves and the cream blends perfectly into the black wine.  she replaces the spoon on the tray.  she slowly traces the bowl over her belly then up her torso and between the valley of her breasts resting at her slave heart. waiting for 3 beats of her heard showing her devotion, honour and loyalty to her Master, Those whom she serves, and her slavery, she murmurs a prayer to the Priest Kings to watch over the kind and beautiful Mistress. carefully bringing the bowl to her cheek she glides it over herself checking to make sure the blackwine isn't too hot before moving it to her luscious scarlet lips.  she kisses the rim and raises it up in offering. hoping the Mistress will be pleased in all she has to offer she bows her head, blonde silken tresses falling about her shoulders, she speaks softly*~ 

Mistress, fallen angel brings You this blackwine in the hopes that it warms Your belly. she hopes that the Priest Kings watch over You this day. this humble slave also hopes that she has not displeased You in any way.


Fermented honeyed drink, a thick golden and sweet brew found in GS in the chillery, stored in tapped wooden casks. Golden in hue. Served in either horns or small tankards. Favored by the Jarls of the North.    Take the prepared horn/tankard to the chillery and fill.

BladeBane's ja`dain

.Yes Master, mead in a horn.

.~**hearing her master's demand a girl rises from the softness of the furs with liquid grace...bronze-tinted mane tossed back with an arrogant flick of a small hand...sent tumbling down the soft curve of a golden back...silken wisps of chestnut slithering lazily to caress satin flesh as she moves across the worn tiles of the tavern floor...each larl-like step echoed by the soft rustle of silver bells...above her the flickering light light from the torches mounted upon the walls cast their warm amber glow to catch in the circles of tinkling bells locked upon delicate wrist and ankle**~

~**full lips caressed by a gentle smile as velvet greens sneak a loving glance at the enormous form of the one who owns her...heart...mind...body...soul...a soft shudder courses throughout supple form as smoldering orbs brush down over strong arms...a gentle whimper escaping her throat as she tears herself from him and moves her attention to the rear of the servery and the wooden shelves just within reach...rising small form upon dancer's toes to allow slender fingers to curl about the rim of a giant bosk horn...cradling it to ample bosom as she sinks back on tender heels...slender muscles rippling beneath golden hued skin...rosy lips form to a soft o as she blows away the dust from the infrequently used vessel...delicate features forming into a radiant smile as she finds the horn still flawless...she dances back to the counter to grasp the soft rep cloth laying upon its smooth surface...heart fluttering with excitement as she wipes the vessel clean and gives it a gentle buff**~

~**dark eyes glowing with joy beneath their veil of onyx lashes as she twirls in fluid motion to dance her way over to the heavy door leading into winter's torture...moving close to allow slender fingers to wrap around the wooden handle...the horn resting securely at silken-caged bosom...a deep breath inhaled before tugging upon the door with all her might...a sharp gasp of air flowing forth from lush lips...the familiar tingling as tender flesh awakens to struggle against their silken confinements...she slips inside the dimly lit room as the icy breath of the cold room surrounds her...sun-bronzed flesh silently resisting the demand of the cold...smooth cheeks blossom to rosy hue as she hurries to the back of the room...the dais with the casks in sight a girl lets out a sigh of relief...sinking slowly to bare knees...wincing gently as the icy tiles swiftly spread tentacles of chill to numb colden thighs...trembling fingers turn the tap to allow golden liquid to flow forth....fermented honey quickly filling the horn to the rim...velvet greens following the gush of the thick liquid before shutting the tap...the sweet scent drifting up to caress a girl's senses as she brings the now chilled horn back to ample bosom and gently rises to bare feet**~

~**small hurried steps carrying her back out into the welcomed warmth of the tavern...the heavy door bumped shut with a swing from well-rounded rear...a girl turns glowing form to the main tavern and the sight of her beloved master...her heart skipping a beat as dark eyes focus upon him...swiftly lowering once more as she begins to make her way back across the worn tiles to the only place she is truly happy...smoldering gaze locked upon his boots as she weaves her way in between scattered tables and furs...Thassa green silks swirling teasingly and temptingly about sleek thighs...allowing a swift peek of the cursive Kef forever burned into her flesh with every other step...silver bells ringing out their merry tune...ample chest rising and falling with each swift and shallow breath...the tug pulling her forward...causing each step to be quicker than the last...finally she finds herself before him...heart now racing in her chest...trembling breaths drawn as she sinks slowly to her knees...golden thighs parting achingly wide to reveal what is his and his alone as she settles back on small heels**~


~**the horn brought from sweetly rounded breasts to lift to rosy lips for a lingering kiss of sweetest submission...slender fingers lightly yet firmly grasping the vessel as she begins to raise it high...a soft prayer to always be found pleasing escaping full lips as her head lowers deep between golden arms...the horn held out in offering as she whispers in sultry tones to caress his ears...a silken veil of shimmering chestnut tumbling forth to caress golden shoulders and veil delicate features**~

Your mead, my Master. Yours hopes that you will find its taste pleasing and your property not displeasing. She thanks you for allowing her to serve you today and all days.


Ale; Ta wine;  Rence beer; Turian liqueur wine;  Sorp Chowder


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