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Free Women are welcome in Gorean Shores

This page will try to make your stay as Free Women more comfortable in Gorean Shores, and any misconceptions about a Kill/Capture zone.

Coming to Gor as a Free Women is easy - Remaining one for long, though, is not.

"A free woman is inordinately precious. She is a thousand times, and more, above a mere slave.Players of Gor  p92

Gor is a man's world, plain and simple. Yet, Free Women can not only survive on Gor, but participate and significantly contribute to Homestones and taverns which exist on Gor.  Presented below is a collection of writings which might help keep Free Women from experiencing that most common of sensations of Gor: the feel of a band of cold steel being locked upon one's throat.

Just a few notes for any who wish to be a Free Woman:
Make your choice wisely after watching, observing and learning….never make quick snap judgments... but do remember a Free Woman can become a slave, either by choice or at the hand of a Gorean Male and once a slave there is no turning back.  Become the best that you can as a Free Woman, enjoy the position of Free Woman, learn the limits of playfulness and enjoy those limits…dress appropriately in gown, and robes; a head covering with attached veils; the number of robes and veils can vary.  Learn to accept your position as Free Woman, for the slaves come first in the Gorean males eyes and there are days you will feel quite alone, but the rewards are many…a Free Woman can be looked up to by others and respected in her own right.

The slaves can be your friend, they will serve you loyally, never go a time without praising them for their care and serves, and learn to pay with coins or something special that you alone will use to bond with them…..remember, at a moment's notice you could become a slave.

Always ask questions, form bonds with other Free Women; keep observing; learning and above all else, Respect the Gorean male. He rules Gor!

Let it be known, however, that Free Women are required to be veiled, and clothed in robes of concealment in The Gorean Shores Tavern.  A woman's face is never shown, unless she wishes to find herself as a paga slave. Other areas of Gorean shores such as the Piazza and Forum rooms veils are optional since one is OCC and the other is in keeping with being off the street of Port Kar and there is no telling what might enter. 

If you are a Free Woman and those new to Gorean Shores, can now enter the Tavern. Announce to all that you wear your robes of concealment and your veils.  And then act with the dignity and grace that is expected from Free Women.  You will not be harmed.  Those entering with avi's should remember that people will act towards what they visually see and so avi's should be veils and appropriate in Gorean Shores.

Free Women on Gor would not normally frequent a paga tavern, especially in the city of Port Kar.  The slaves in the tavern are expected to serve the pleasure of the Masters in whatever manner requested.  Many slaves are eager to do so, and show this to the Men when they serve food or drink. If you are easily embarrassed or disturbed by such things, recognize that the slaves are only doing what they must: please - Masters.

Robes of Concealment: The reason a Free Woman wears robes covering her entire body is to demonstrate that she is not mistaken for a slave. A Free Woman will also wear gloves on her hands.
The normal dress of the Free Women of the South is for them to be dresses in robes of concealment and veils. This means a Free Woman is covered from head to toe. The material of the outer robes are usually heavy brocade, which may be of any colour, usually though a Free Women wears the colours of her Caste. Beneath these robes, a woman may wear an undergarment usually a sleeveless and white.

“Many of the free women of Gor and almost always those of High Caste wear the Robes of Concealment, though, of course, their garments are seldom as complex or splendidly wrought as those of a Ubar's daughter. The Robes of Concealment, in function, resemble the garments of Muslim women on my own planet, though they are undoubtedly more intricate and cumbersome. Normally, of men, only a father and a husband may look upon the woman unveiled.” Tarnsman of Gor; p. 87
“Free women in most of the high cities of Gor, particularly those of higher caste, go veiled in public. Also they commonly wear the robes of concealment which cover them, in effect, from head to toe. Even gloves are often worn. There are many reasons for this, having to do with modesty, security, and such.”
Magicians of Gor p12
"It is not wise to try to tear away the garments of a free woman with one's bare hands. They may contain poisoned needles."
Beasts of Gor p402

Veils often ranged from one to ten, often depending on Caste. In some areas of Gor veils are not worn but may vary from one to ten. The common number is five and is known as:
The first, or outermost veil is waist length, and normally of brocade to match the outer gown. It is called the Street Veil.
The second veil, beneath the Street Veil is called the House Veil. It is also waist length, and of a lightweight brocade, and may be of a contrasting color to the Street Veil.
Next is the opaque white Pride Veil, which hangs to just below the breasts.
Fourth is the Freedom Veil, sheer and hanging to just below the collar bone.
Lastly is the chin length, wispy modesty veil.

"Eta, from behind me, pinned the first of five veils about my face. It was light, and shimmering, of white silk, almost transparent. Then, one after the other, she added the freedom veil, or veil of the citizens, the pride veil, the house veil, and the street veil. Each of these is heavier and more opaque than the one which lies within. The street veil, worm publicly, is extremely bulky, quite heavy and completely opaque; not even the lineaments of the nose and cheeks are discernible when it is worn; the house veil is worn indoors when there are those present who are not of the household, as in conversing with or entertaining associates of one’s companion. Veils are worn in various numbers and combinations by Gorean free women, this tending to vary by preference and caste. Many low class Gorean women own only a single veil which must do for all purposes. Not all high-caste women wear a large number of veils. A free woman, publicly, will commonly wear, one or two veils; a frequent combination is the light veil, or last veil, and the house or street veil. Rich, vain women of high caste may wear ostentatiously as many as nine or ten veils. In certain cities, in connection with the free companionship, the betrothed or pledged beauty may wear eight veils, several of which are ritualistically removed during various phases of the ceremony of companionship; the final veils, and robes, of course, are removed in private by the male who, following their removal, arms interlocked with the girl, drinks with her the wine of the companionship, after which he completes the ceremony."  Slave Girl of Gor p106

Footwear for free women is commonly either sandals or slippers, dependent on Caste. Boots may also be worn, dependent on the situation and area of Gor.
“She wore shoes of black, polished leather, which folded about her ankles, laced twice, once across the instep, once about the ankle.”  Marauders of Gor  p25
"The haik, black, covers the woman from head to toe. At the eyes, there is a tiny bit of black lace, through which she may see. On her feet were soft, black, nonheeled slippers, with curled toes; they were decorated with a line of silver thread.”

Tribesmen of Gor p 44]

Warrior/Panther Girls

A woman claiming to be a warrior is not acting according to the standards and station of a Free Woman, and will be treated as a barbarian. Typically, the only weapons carried by Free Women are those which can be concealed under her robes: knives, daggers, and small pins coated with poison.  According to the scrolls, there are no women warriors, and only Panther Girls carry weapons.  If you claim to be a Panther Girl, then be sure you comport yourself to that standard. Do not attempt to challenge a Man. You would be killed or enslaved. It is that simple. The Council will not recognize Free Women as Warriors. Free Women on Gor are required to abide by the protocols as set forth on the Homepage. This grants them with certain protections while in the tavern. Provided they maintain their clothing and demeanour as expected, Free Women cannot be collared in the tavern.

The tavern further recognizes that females can be Panther Girls rather than Free Women. However, Panther Girls are accorded no protection, and may be challenged in duel at any time. If challenged, the criteria of "Realism" is going to weigh heavily against a Panther Girl, because unless she is the ultimate female fighter, she simply could not match a trained Gorean Warrior.  A Panther Girl who loses her duel may either be killed or collared at her opponent's discretion. Likewise, should she be victorious, she may either kill or collar her opponent.  If you claim to be a Panther Girl, you had better know what you are doing, and exactly how to act.  A Panther Girl in Port Kar is a very rare event.  Ex-Panthers like former slaves should petition the Council for admittance in Gorean Shores as a Free Woman to stop any problems before happening.

From the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores

Collaring of Free Women
Once again, only upon invitation for a special event is a Free Women allowed to be in the Tavern.  Free Women are expected to travel with guards, consisting of either Captains or patrons of the tavern.  Any Free Woman under the protection of a Captain of Gorean Shores is the responsibility of that Captain.  Any Free Woman under the protection of a patron of the tavern is the responsibility of the patron.  The guard should ensure that his charge acts and dresses appropriately.  Free Women are expected to be wearing their veils and robes of concealment at all times in in the Tavern of Gorean Shores, so as not to attract attention to their beauty.  Free Women are also expected to both speak and act as a Free Woman of Gor would.  If a Free Woman, without guard, is behaving in a manner inconsistent with that of a Free Woman, or is inappropriately garbed or otherwise unveiled, she may be captured.  A Free Woman with a guard who behaves or is dressed inappropriately should be referred at least one time to the guard for instruction as to permissible behavior and attire.  Upon an additional infraction, the guard may be challenged, and the Free Woman collared. These are the only ways in which a Free Woman may be captured.  A collaring of a Free Woman will only be official when recognized by the Council of Captains." (see the updates below).

It is the decision of the Council that no further warnings need be provided to the regular Free Women of the tavern should any of them act in a manner which warrants a forced collaring.  All new Free Women should receive at least one warning and be directed to this Homepage.  If a Free Woman is collared in the tavern, they will be given a choice to either accept the collar and remain in Gorean Shores as kajira, or to leave Gorean Shores never to return.

Update #1
As stated during a Forum on March 10, 2003, a collaring of a Free Woman will only be official when recognized by a vote of the Council of Captains.

Update #2 NOVEMBER 1st 2005
Free Women will be permitted entry to the tavern all day of Forums   The time frame is based on Gorean Shores or CST times. They are expected to act with proper decorum befitting their station. Free Women will be permitted to enter the Training Yard, and that they act with proper decorum befitting their station.

It is wise to check the most recent decisions regarding Free Women.

Force Collaring
To clarify what Force Collaring a  is:
A Free Woman who is force-collared will be given the choice of either accepting said collaring and submitting herself to the Master as slave, or departing from the tavern permanently and being placed on a tavern ban.  It is her choice.  However, resistance from a Free Woman to a force-collaring is futile at best, and foolish at worst.  A trained Gorean Warrior can easily overcome any defence by a Free Woman and strip and bind her before she can defend herself.  Free Women exist in Gorean Shores at the will of Men.  If the Free Woman has a guard and that guard is challenged under the Battle Rules, the guard is expected to accept the challenge and the Free Woman is expected to willingly submit to the challenger if her guard is defeated.  If she does not, she will be banned.

It is noted herein that infractions by Free Women which would constitute valid grounds for force-collaring must be acted upon within a reasonable time after such incident occurs.  Further, it is not mandatory that a Free Woman be collared if she acts or dresses inappropriately.  Such force-collaring is at the will and pleasure of the Men present.  Some Men are tolerant, some are not. The Free Woman accepts the risks incumbent with her activities when she acts in a manner inappropriate to her station.

Free Women are not permitted to lap any man while in the tavern. Lapping will constitute inappropriate behaviour which may subject the Woman to a force-collaring.

Free Women are expected to abide by the Protocols of the tavern and the recommendations in the Gorean Shores Homepage. Failure to act in a manner consistent with a Free Woman's station in Gorean Society will result in a loss of protection in the tavern and may subject her to collaring if it so pleases a Master. In order to assist Free Women, the Captains, Advisors, and regular patrons will continue to educate and address newcomer Free Women to ensure their compliance with the protocols. Further, all Free Persons should continue to receive direction and dance, where appropriate, on proper conduct in the tavern.

"Goreans, in their simplistic fashion, often contend, categorically, that man is naturally free and woman is naturally slave. But even for them the issues are far more complex than these simple formulations would suggest. For example, there is no higher person, nor one more respected, than the Gorean free woman. Goreans do believe, however, that every woman has a natural master or set of masters, with respect to whom she could not help but be a complete and passionate slave girl. These men occur in her dreams and fantasies. She lives in terror that she might meet one in real life."  [Hunters of Gor p53 ]

"It is not wise to try to tear away the garments of a free woman with one's bare hands. They may contain poisoned needles." [Beasts of Gor p402]

Free Woman Advice - by Moonglow

Sitting back in my chair and remembering my first day in Gorean Shores and the days since, reflecting on the many lessons I have learned, the life I have chosen, friends and enemies I have met along the way, and the choice to just be me "Moonglow".

My first day in Gorean Shores was intimidating to say the least. I quietly entered the Tavern of Gorean Shores and slipped into the shadows against the cool stone wall, watched and observed without speaking to anyone. I noticed the Tal's being spoken as I entered but still sat silently.

A few weeks later I realized I was no longer a watcher but had begun to learn what I was observing. I had visited the Gorean Shores Home Page and after reading it went to other sites and began seeking more information; I entered Gorean Shores daily, silently observing the patrons of the Tavern. After nearly two months of silence, I entered Gorean Shores one day and actually said "Tal A/all"; from there I moved forward daily to becoming a Gorean Free Woman. My choice was made and I decided then and there to be the best Free Woman possible and to enjoy my choice of lifestyle and chosen path. I was met with smiles and Tal's and greetings, felt as if I had found my Home. I had watched and observed long enough to know who were the true Goreans and who were not, who to study and learn from and who to just simply chat with. I watched the Senior Captain Xern, First Sword Rollo the Ax, Slave Master Kli Kodesh, and Captain of the Guard Belial and knew they were strict and well-versed in the ways of Gor. So without them realizing it, I began to use them as Mentors of sorts, asking questions and learning more. I have learned what they constantly preach...Gor is Harsh, Gor is a Man's world, and Gor is not fair...but still I stay and have grown from the teachings of my Mentors.

For those first two long months I studied the Free Women, Panther Girls, and slaves...soon I realized all women have a slave within them but that sometimes, as in my circumstance, the Free Woman is the strongest and survives over the other. I respected the choices that each Gorean makes for themselves, as they have to live that choice, otherwise they do not belong on Gor for Gor will either capture your heart, mind and soul or kill yours.

As stated, I chose to be a Free Woman, so I adorned myself in a gown of soft spun gold and mauve silk and covered it with a robe of linen and topped it with a golden brocade robe for cooler weather. Long sleeves, high neck, and the length flowing to just above the ankles, I attached 3 veils to a scarf-like covering and tucked my unruly copper tresses up beneath it, hid my face behind the veils except for eyes that watch and observe. I have chosen to wear sandals and no gloves as after many readings it seemed Free Women can be a little different and choose some variations in their clothing attire. I chose to be comfortable in my Home and lifestyle.

I knelt in the furs near the cool stone wall Free Woman style, which meant legs together and palms down against the robe. I smiled beneath my veils and sometimes laughed and chuckled, but no one could see more than the flash of blue eyes that sparkle and twinkle in merriment or tears shed in sadness. I have learned that cold red kalana is my choice of drink on Gor, but have seemed to slightly attain a taste for paga at times. I sat for days and watched the slaves interact with the Warriors and Masters, found the slaves to be beautiful and sensuous, but knew I was a Free Woman. I became more comfortable in my Home and learned who I could laugh with, talk with, and call Friend. I slowly came out of the shadows and began to speak aloud, laugh, tease, taunt, tempt, and be mischievous in a way that only a Free Woman could be. I learned quickly where the thin line lay between a Free Woman and slave and knew to stop at that line, for I enjoy the naked neck that hides beneath the cloth of my robe.

A Free Woman must realize that she is Free only by the choice of the Male population of Gor and should respect that freedom and behave in a manner befitting her status. Free Women never show their face beneath the veils or shed their robe or gown in public. She can give subtle hints as to her figure, ideas, emotions, and thoughts without giving complete and full details, this she must learn how to do as well as the teasing/taunting/tempting ways, for they must be done in a way that still allows her to stay free. It takes time and is never easy, but well worth the effort. A Free Woman is special in her own way, just like a slave is special in her own way. Free Women receive serves from slaves and should always watch, admire and reward a slave for the care they take in the Free Woman's well-being.

We each have our purpose on Gor and a female has to make the choice of being a Free Woman or slave and act the part well, knowing full well that she is slave in the eyes of the Gorean Male. The only advice I can give freely from my heart, is to watch, observe, read, and learn from all, for there is much to learn on Gor. Be what you chose to be and be that person to the best of your ability. Free Women are on Gor and shall always be there. We can survive, grow, and become helpful in many ways to the Gorean lifestyle. We are only what our hearts, mind, body, and soul allow us to be. So have fun, chose wisely and learn from it. HONOR is the word that means so much on Gor, remember that and you shall survive.

Some Common Free Woman  Quotes:

"The institution of freedom for women, I decided, as many Goreans believed, was a mistake.[Nomads of Gor p286]

"Free women, in being free, command attention when they speak. It is their due."   [Explorers of Gor p354]

"A free woman may often make a man angry with impunity, she being lofty and free, this latitude is seldom extended to the slave."  [Blood Brothers of Gor p221]

"An ignorant free woman is a commonplace.” I said. “An ignorant slave is an absurdity."
[Savages of Gor p196]

"Free Gorean women, incidentally, enjoy a prestige and status which, it seems to me, is higher than that of the normal Earth woman."  Explorers of Gor  p 459

"It is not difficult, of course, to take insolence from a woman."  Mercenaries of Gor p7

“There is no freer nor higher nor more beautiful woman than the Gorean Free Companion.”  [Nomads of Gor  p290]

“The men, save I, rose as one to their feet, for Gorean men commonly stand when a free woman enters a room.” 
[Guardsman of Gor p255]

"Free women on Gor do not travel attended by only a single warrior, not of their own free will"  [Tarnsman of Gor p113]

"Did you strike me because I challenged your manhood?" she asked……..
"You were not struck for such an absurd reason," I said. "You are, after all, a free woman, and free woman are entitled to insult and to attempt to demean and destroy men. It is one of their freedoms, unless men, of course, should decide to take it from them. You were struck, rather, because you were attempting to manipulate me." 
[Mercenaries of Gor  p422]

"In the room, which now had no occupant, I saw an open wardrobe closet, some chests of silks, a silken divan of immense size, several choice rugs and cushions about, and a sunken bath to one side.
It might have been the private compartment of a lady of High Caste."  
[Assassin of Gor p117]

It is not wise to try to tear away the garments of a free woman with one's bare hands. They may contain poisoned needles."  Beasts of Gor  p402

A free woman is inordinately precious. She is a thousand times, and more, above a mere slave." [Players of Gor  p92]

"For example, there is no higher person, nor one more respected, than the Gorean free woman.[Hunters of Gor p311]

"Any free woman who couches with another's slave, or readies herself to couch with another's slave, becomes herself a slave, and the slave of the slave's master."  [Magicians of Gor p7]

An unowned girl, a free woman, thus, can never experience her full sexuality…Passion, it is thought, deprives the free woman to some extent of her freedom and important self-control; it is frowned upon because it makes her behave, to some extent, like a degraded female slave; free women, thus, to protect their honor and dignity, their freedom and personhood, their individuality, must fight passion;… the free woman must remain cool and in control of herself, even in the arms of her companion, to avoid being truly 'had,'…"  [Tribesman of Gor p17]

 Please enjoy your time in Gorean Shores