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Chapter 2
“Sir, I have your pudding.” Lede gave Elmdor a pudding cup.

“Puh-lease, pudding is so..” Elmdor checked his watch “3 minute’s and 34 seconds ago.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll just leave it here.” Lede set the pudding down and left.

Celia met up with Lede “I hate it when he does that.”

“He does that alot?” Celia asked.

“Only when I bring him chocolate pudding.” Lede said.

“*crrkk* Lede!” Elmdor’s voice came over the intercom “Bring me some chocolate


“Mustadio,” Algus called “Can you help me organize my Flame collection?”

“No, why don’t you,” Mustadio said “get a life? And get a REAL hobby?” Mustadio
turned to walk away, but Algus picked up one of his smaller flame’s and hucked it at the
back of his head.

“ARGH! Eet burns! EET BURNS!” Mustadio ran away into what he thought was the water
room, but in reality, it was the GASOLINE ROOM!


“Good thing everybody was out of the house, ‘cept Malak.” Algus thought ,flying through
the air, but then he got sucked into a jet engine.


“ORLAND’S! STOP IT!” Ramza screamed to the pesky Orland’s who were acting like

Ramza pulled into the drive way

“Hey Ramza! Our house is gone. Now it’s just a smoldering crater in the earths surface.”
Orlandu pointed out.

“Holy FU$*” Rmaza screamed.

“Potty mouth, Potty mouth! Ramza is a potty mouth!” All the Orland’s sang out.


Orlandevil walked threw the halls with Elmdor.

“Listen to my plan, Elmdor.” Orlandevil said in a demonic voice. “I will tell the cops that
Orlandu is a refugee from Canada and..”

“Wait,” Elmdor said “What the hell is a Canada?”

“It’s a small cold country somewhere near the United State’s.” Orlandevil explained using
two fingers and his palm. “Toronto and Canada are at war, there is a wall surrounding
Toronto and Orlandeh (The Canadian) escaped from Toronto, so the cops will probably
arrest him. But, they will arrest Orlandu instead, because, I’ll say that he is the Canadian

“Oh.” Elmdor said, then started walking faster and faster to get away from Orlandevil.


Ramza walked onto the lawn, Mustadio was lying unconscious on the ground.

“What the heck happened here!?!?!?” Ramza asked no-one.

“I think, I can help.” Melusine walked across the street.

“Well, what happened?”

“Okay...” Melusine started to explain “All was quiet...then BOOOOOOM!!!!!” Melusine
walked back to her house.

“Hey Ramza! I found Algus!” Orlandi called to him.

All the Orland’s came to Ramza carrying a beaten and bruised Algus.

“What the heck happened, Algus!?” Ramza asked.

“Ugh. I chucked a flame at Mustadio for not helping me organize my flame collection, then he ran into the gas room, and the obvious happened, and.."

"He went Super Saiyin!" Orlandu asked

"No, it exploded." Algus said.

"damn." Orlandu looked disappointed.

"Well, anyways, everybody was out, 'cept Malak, but we don't care about him. And while I was flying through the air..."

"Wait, wait a minute." Orlandi started to say "why were you flying?"

"Well, when the house exploded..."

"What!? The house exploded!? When did that happen!?" Orlandi screamed in horror.

"Weren't you listening?" Orlandu asked

"" Orlandi tried to change the subject "How about them Mariners?"

"Well, ANYWAYS, While I was flying through the air, WHOOSH!!, A jet came out from the clouds, and I got sucked into the Jet engine." Algus explained.

"Thats how you got those bruises?" Ramza asked.

"No, the jet engines just scratched me a bit, on my way back, I tried to mug an old lady, but she hit me with her cane."

"So, you destroyed my house, just because Mustadio didn't help you?" Ramza asked.

"Well, basically, yeah." Algus said.

"Uh...Ramza...what about Mustadio? There's some green sticky slime coming out of him." Orlandu said. "And It can't be very safe, it taste's like crap."

"Orlandi, take him to the hospital."


The Orland's waited in the reception area.

"Orlandhoffendiemer, why don't you talk?" Orlandu asked his brother

"Der löffel messer! Schlagwörter der staaten!" Orlandhoffendiemer looked offended.

"He doesn't speak english, only german. Just like I only speak English, and Orlandeh onlys speaks Canadian." Orlandi said.

"Hockey, toque, eh?" Orlandeh said.

The Doctor came out.

"Sorry, but he has Oasihfoih." The Doctor said.

"CRAP! I shouldn't have invented that disease!" Orlandi said.