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Whats on Offer
(and for how much ?)

When you stay in a hostel the two most important things are, how clean the facilities are and what sort of atmosphere there is, these things can make the difference between a great hostel and a dump.
Faisal Hostel has been recently taken over and renovated to give the kind of atmosphere that you can just sit down and chill out in. Our cafe room overlooking Damascus gate offers free Tea and Coffee all day, we also have a selection of softdrinks and beer available. So its good if you just want to relax, have a beer, smoke a sheesha, talk to people, play backgammon or just vegetate for a while.

We are not going to make ridiculous statements like "We are the best hostel in the World", because we don't know that. We do know that almost all the people that walk through the door end up staying here.

Some of the other services that we have to offer are:

Type of Room Price
Dorm Room 20 nis (aprox 5$)
Private Double Room 80 nis (aprox 20$)
Try us once and see for yourself
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