The conservative is the conservationist of the human spirit


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The conservative believes in any sort of progress one can imagine so long as it is with respect for certain values - not artificially dreamt up ideas like socialism, feminism, multiculturalism, and the like - but values, which are unchanging and unchangeable and which we are all born with. They are hard-wired into human character, not taught in the class-room. Conservatism is not an ‘ism’ as such – a style of thinking we can choose to adopt. Conservative values are un-rational – as opposed to irrational - in nature. Accordingly, modern political discourse proceeds on the basis of liberal thinkers putting forward spurious notions of progress, bombarding us with loads of rationalisation in the process. Conservative values - which I call constraining values, as opposed to the anarchic freedoms claimed by the advocates of liberalism - are:


Identification with our ethnicity is a basic human drive akin to, and an extension of, identification with the family. As a constraining value - putting one's nation before one's own interests - it is hated by liberals. Whilst the patriotic instinct may at times be wrongly channeled, tainted by false ideas, and used as a tool of manipulation, it will always be a fundamental part of our make-up.


All humans are born with an inate sense that there is a supreme being who oversees human existence and whom we are subject to - another constraining value. Whilst religious ‘isms’ may come and go, and the form of religion may be influenced by false ideas, the instinct to believe cannot be, and will not be, eradicated from human consciousness by the machinations of secular humanists. This feature of our psyche is denied by those who, in their ceaseless quest for freedom - and power - arrogantly assert the primacy of the human intellect in all things.


These are born out of the hardships of human experience, a reminder that we are subject to forces in life beyond our control – what I call 'the moral universe'. They represent an enduring human trait and will always reassert themselves in convictions about sexual constraint and personal responsibility for our actions as opposed to 'rights' based liberal philosophy.