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Q: How does Goku die in the Cell Game?

A: After Gohan goes SSJ2 and beats the snot out of Cell, he Coughs up Android 18. This causes him to deform into Perfect Cell, nolonger in his Super Perfect form. He then decideds to blow up the whole worl with his Kamakazi blast. Goku saves the Earth by using his instant transmission to send him, and Cell, to King Kai's Planet. He blows up, killing Goku, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory. Unfortunately Cell still lives.

Q: I don't get all of Cell's forms. Can you explain?

A: Sure. Cell is in his imperfect form before he absorbs 17 or 18. After he absorbs 17, he gets more powerful, gets feet, and developes a face. This is called Cell's perfect form, but there is one more stage to become super perfect. Super perfect Cell is when he has absorbed both 17 AND 18. This is the form Cell uses tofight everyone in the Cell game, until Gohan causes him to eject 18.