This is my updates section. I will try to update often, and I will post the updates here. Questions? Comments? E-mail me at Joelw64@aol.com.

8/4/00: I have 20+ Gifs that I am soon putting up, as soon as i get more space. There pretty sweet, you'll like them.

7/30/00: Updated The RPG Stats with the new players.

7/24/00: OKAY!!! My new RPG is now running!!! As soon as I get enough members I will notify them by e-mail, telling them the schedule. Sign up by going to the RPG pge and filling out the form!!

7/12/00: Oops! I haven't updated in awhile. Sorry about that. The poll results tell me you want more animation. So I got some more, and am posting them today. Stay tuned, a new poll is coming too. Im also trying to get a custom cursor to work, e-mail me at Joelw64@aol.com if it takes too long to load. Thanx.

6/7/00: YAY!! School's out!! Now I can update more often. I've been busy with last quarter projects. I've got 2 more awards, and a link. If you think you have a good DBZ page, then e-mail me the link. I'll look at it and probably put it up. The poll says you want more animated GIF's, so thats what I'll be working on.

5/24/00: Today I've decided to think about making my RPG system more fair. Like level 1 moves, level 2, etc. And also determin the damages of each move. More pics are coming! I made the main page a little nicer with some brighter colors

5/22/00: As you may have noticed, my logo is now up. Also, give me some ideas for my RPG, it would really help. Thanx.

5/21/00: Updated the last 5 eps. "Extreme Measures". Okay, get ready to be really happy! If I can get an account from Xoom, I'll be able to add movie clips! Im also working on a logo for my site. If you have a DBZ site, E-mail me. I'll put it up in my links section. One more thing, more pics will be showing up soon.

5/18/00: Today I added some effects, nothing special. Also, I'm starting to update the last 5 episodes, enjoy! I updated the RPG today too.

5/7/00: Okay, starting next Sat. I'm going to start udating the Last 5 DBZ Episodes. They will be on the Garlic Jr. episodes that are showing every sat.

5/5/00: YAY!! Angelfire got me some more space, now I can start my downloads section. Also, I made my links highlight when you point your mouse them. The links wont have lines under them anymore, but if they're a different color than the text, they will be a link. More downloads will become available in awhile, after I put in the battler. For most of them, you will need Winzip, or any other unzipping utility. The link to the downloads section is working now.

4/28/00: I haven't updated in awhile, sorry. Today I added the "Majin Buu Saga" and the story of DBGT. Check it out in the Sagas. Also, I'm Putting up the DBZ battler "DBZ, No Limit Fighting" in zip format. You will need an unzipper like winzip. I know some people dont like battlers at all, but if you want it, for free of course, go to the Downloads section. I'm looking for more animations and pics, stay tuned!

4/16/00: Today I added the "Cell Game" on the sagas page. I also Made a new layout for the front page. I Hope you like it.

4/15/00: Today I added a jobs section to my RPG. Apply today! You get paid with cr.(credits). I am working on the sagas, and I will put up more items in the RPG Store soon. The RPG Store prices will be going up too, because people are starting to get alot of credits.

4/14/00: Ok. Today I added the sagas page. I hope you enjoy it. If there are errors or mistakes, please e-mail me the correction. Thanks! Oh yea! Today on DBZ, "The Ultimate Battle", I caught something strange. After Frieza's second attack that causes a mushroom cloud, look at the middle of it. You will see an elephant! A trunk is hanging down, you see a little mouth, and at the back are big ears. It looks exactly like an elephant!

4/10/00: Sorry for the lack of updating. I am adding a pretty cool message board. Please use it only for anime. It can be any Japanese Anime! I am also going to add a Sagas page for DBZ, and later DB and DBGT Sagas. Expect the Sagas starting to show up in a couple of days.

3/31/00: I'll update soon, but i dont know what ill put up next. Maybe some animation....

3/25/00: Added more pics today. Please alow some time for them to load.

3/24/00: Sorry for not updating in 5 days. Today or tomorrow I'm going to add some pics.

3/19/00: Today I got all of my MIDI up. When I find some more I'll put them up. I'm going to put up more pics in a couple of days, so stay tuned!

3/18/00: I got up one WAV today, Rock the Dragon. More WAVs and MIDI coming soon!

3/14/00: Today I added some android animation. Enjoy! More pics coming soon.

3/12/00: I got a lot of my pics put up today. Check it out. If you have any pics to spare please send them. I also have a new banner. It's in the links section. I'll try to put up more pics in a couple of days.

3/11/00: Sorry, no animation yet, but I got a TON of pics today. Expect them to start showing up in a couple of days. I am also going to use thumbnails now, tell me what you think.

3/10/00: Come on, guys, you need to come to my RPG or I'll Lower the low PL you already have!. It's on mon, wed, fri, and sat at 6:30 Mountain Standard time. I'll try to get some animation up tomorrow, and some sagas!

3/1/00: Today I put up the Krillin and Piccolo animation. Enjoy!

2/28/00: A few people joined my RPG. I'm trying to organize the moves list, because it's not organized! Thats pretty much it for today.

2/27/00: Made all of the RPG sections, the move list by tonight.

2/23/00: I made my own DBZ RPG! Join it by E-mailing the character you want at the address above. You should also join my news letter for important news about my RPG. Also, I fixed a bunch of animation that wasn't working.

2/23/00: Now I have animation of Brolly and KaiOshin. I will try to get some of Krillin and Piccolo up tomorrow. Also, tell your friends about my news letter, they might want to join if they like my site. The RPG section is coming down, sorry. There is no one to run it. I may start one soon my self though, so stay tuned! And the reason they are showing ALL of the DBZ episodes again is because they don't have the next Saga dubbed in English. Funimation said they would have it done by the time they repeated the newest episodes, but they didn't.

2/16/00(30 minutes later) I got some more animation. YAY! I now have frieza, Cell, and another DBZ battle. Coming next is KaiOshin, Brolli, and Piccolo. These should show up in a couple of days. Questions? Comments? E-mail me at joelw64@aol.com. Thanx :)

2/16/00: Not Much today. Fixed a name problem with my pics. I am working on getting some more pics, so please be patient. I will also add some animation.

2/12/00: I added some DBZ MIDI on the front page. You can stop it by pushing the stop button on the MIDI player. Also, a couple of spots may not be loading. I'll fix it soon. Start mailing me your favorite dbz character. I'll post the top one on the front page every week if I get enough.

2/11/00: I am back, and updating more often too. I got busy and didn't have a chance to update. Thanks for supporting me! Today I am adding pics that I got thru the mail. Enjoy! One more thing, the dip running the RPG apparently stopped, and his E-mail isn't working. I may close that section down. tell me what you think. I am also starting the news letter. Sign up please.

10/21/99:Doh! My fast counter and apparently every thing else from link exchange is down. =_= I hope that gets up soon. last time i checked before it went down, 125 people have come. Thanks for coming! ^_^

10/18/99:Hey! Goku finally became a Super Saiyain! I added an episode page to show the last five episodes and a brief summary about them. Please, Please E-mail me your fovorite DBZ move other wise I can't post it. That's about it, but i'll get more pics and animations soon, I swear!!!