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Last updated May 28, 2001
This site was started in October of 1999

Welcome to my Dragon Ball Z info site!

Questions? Comments? E-mail me at DragonBZGoku@aol.com
You can also contact me by ICQ. My ICQ# is 119244868

06.18.01: The guestbook is temporarily down, mostly because of the BS some people are saying. I am very displeased with FR1EZA59@AOL.COM, this person wrote several obscene messages in the guestbook, insulting peeps that have come to my website. Thanks, Shadow Dark, for sticking up to those who have been insulted ^_^; . By the way, Fr1eza59, the Japanese Power levels are the most accurate, the American ones are messed up. And the original, Japanese version of DBZ is much better than we could ever possibly get by American editing.

05.28.01: Just here to inform you all of some news. Toonami is showing several DBZ episodes a night, and then when the Cell saga is over, Toonami will re-run Dragon Ball, which is a nice change from the restart of DBZ o.O . Then, after Dragon Ball is over, Toonami will continue DBZ from where it left off, which will be around September sometime. and apparently there is a problem with my gifs, they aren't showing up.... Soooo, I will try to fix that soon. My Guest Book is being filled with spam and offensive material, so I'm getting a new one. And Pepsi Guy is still on the loose, so watch out!

05.20.01: O.o Well I have abandoned my site for 3 months, I just haven't had time for any updates, but I'm back, and with only 8 days of school left I'll have plenty of time n.n . I have a shocking story to tell all of you, read it below. Also, I'm thinking of adding a comedy section, feel free to E-mail me. Yes this is a new mailing address, I think it is more of a theme with the site.


A person known as Pepsi Guy has gone insane and is obsessed with finding Bulma. It is unclear, however, what drove him to insanity, but it is clear that he thinks there actually is a Bulma in our world. Earlier Friday morning he blew up his house with a home made plastique Explosive, apparently made out of toilet paper, super glue, jelly beans, and Doritos. People reported a naked man wearing a giant leaf between his legs running down the street, laughing a deranged, psychopathic laugh, shortly after the explosion. If you see this person, DO NOT APPROACH HIM ALONE. He has recently eaten a large amount of baked beans and chip dip. He may hallucinate and think your Bulma, and may attempt to marry you. We are still unsure of his plans, but He'll do anything in order to find Bulma...

02.28.01: Added an "about me" page

02.27.01: Whoa, haven't updated in a loooong time. Here's some news, The Buu Saga will start sometime in the spring, if your watching Cartoon Network. Funimation says they are spending more time with the voices matching the mouths,