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Last updated May 28, 2001
This site was started in October of 1999

Welcome to my Dragon Ball Z info site!

Questions? Comments? E-mail me at DragonBZGoku@aol.com
You can also contact me by ICQ. My ICQ# is 119244868

06.18.01: The guestbook is temporarily down, mostly because of the BS some people are saying. I am very displeased with FR1EZA59@AOL.COM, this person wrote several obscene messages in the guestbook, insulting peeps that have come to my website. Thanks, Shadow Dark, for sticking up to those who have been insulted ^_^; . By the way, Fr1eza59, the Japanese Power levels are the most accurate, the American ones are messed up. And the original, Japanese version of DBZ is much better than we could ever possibly get by American editing.

05.28.01: Just here to inform you all of some news. Toonami is showing several DBZ episodes a night, and then when the Cell saga is over, Toonami will re-run Dragon Ball, which is a nice change from the restart of DBZ o.O . Then, after Dragon Ball is over, Toonami will continue DBZ from where it left off, which will be around September sometime. and apparently there is a problem with my gifs, they aren't showing up.... Soooo, I will try to fix that soon. My Guest Book is being filled with spam and offensive material, so I'm getting a new one. And Pepsi Guy is still on the loose, so watch out!

05.20.01: O.o Well I have abandoned my site for 3 months, I just haven't had time for any updates, but I'm back, and with only 8 days of school left I'll have plenty of time n.n . I have a shocking story to tell all of you, read it below. Also, I'm thinking of adding a comedy section, feel free to E-mail me. Yes this is a new mailing address, I think it is more of a theme with the site.


A person known as Pepsi Guy has gone insane and is obsessed with finding Bulma. It is unclear, however, what drove him to insanity, but it is clear that he thinks there actually is a Bulma in our world. Earlier Friday morning he blew up his house with a home made plastique Explosive, apparently made out of toilet paper, super glue, jelly beans, and Doritos. People reported a naked man wearing a giant leaf between his legs running down the street, laughing a deranged, psychopathic laugh, shortly after the explosion. If you see this person, DO NOT APPROACH HIM ALONE. He has recently eaten a large amount of baked beans and chip dip. He may hallucinate and think your Bulma, and may attempt to marry you. We are still unsure of his plans, but He'll do anything in order to find Bulma...

02.28.01: Added an "about me" page

02.27.01: Whoa, haven't updated in a loooong time. Here's some news, The Buu Saga will start sometime in the spring, if your watching Cartoon Network. Funimation says they are spending more time with the voices matching the mouths, and working on better music (I wish they would stick to the original soundtrack, much, much better!). One more thing, many people have been E-mailing me on how to make animated gifs, so I will make a nifty tutorial for all of you in need. You should see it soon. One more thing, I will also make an HTML tutorial, because alot of people ask about that too. It will cover everything you will need to know to make a website.

01.03.01: Notice the different site logo? Well I'm changing my Website's name to the SSJ Retreat!! For my RPG, here's an EASY way to join(AOL only, but this may change soon)!!! Just go to the RPG chatroom when there is a meeting (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday starting at 6:30 PM Mountain Standard time, adjust this for the timezone you live in. In Pacific it would be 5:30PM, Central it would be 7:30PM, and in the Eastern Timezone it would be 8:30 PM.) Just come and tell me or Vegeta5294 your character, and you're in! And I have been neglecting my Powerlevals page, so I updated them because they were unaccurate. They should be accurate now.

12.25.00: Merry Christmas everyone! DBZ isn't on today the schedual is as follows: DBZ will air the the same time it usually is on on tuesday thru friday. The DBZ Movie Deadzone will air later after DBZ on Friday. As always, the episode summaries will continue to be updated. I'm putting up some more art too.

12.21.00: My site got 10,000 hits on 12.21.00!! Thank you to all of you that have visited! I hope my website has been helpful to you.

12.20.00: I have todays and yesterdays episode summaries up, sorry for the delay. I got some fanart and I'm going to put that up. If you have DBZ art, send it to me. I'll post it with your name.

12.14.00: Good news everyone! My RPG is starting on the 29th, which is the friday after christmas. It will be held in AOL private chat joels DBZ RPG. It will be every monday, wedsday, friday, and saturday. The time is 6:30 mountain standard to 7:30 mountain standard, but often i stay later if you want. So I hope you people signed up will enjoy! :)

Also, I'm writing today's episode summary. If you didn't watch it you missed out bigtime. And I'm putting up a few animations I have made, they're all Vegeta. Please don't take the animations I have made! Thanx

12.13.00: Well, If you are watching DBZ (I hope you are!!) Gohan went SSJ2. The music on the fron page is getting boring, so I'm going to change it to DanDan (a cool song). Im adding a couple Q's to the Q&A section I got in my E-mail. And I found enough time to write todays episode summary! So enjoy! I'll try to write them every day from now on.

12.10.00: Know what's funny? Hate mail. I've started getting some hate mail. I think people send hatemail because they are jealous of a website. And to celebrated this grand event, I'm going to start a hatemail section, and make every comment humerous. Hehe.

11.21.00: I'm getting too much junk on my front page. I'm going to start an archive, and the news is going back to the updates page. It will help the page load faster. And I have a new layout (again). This one is the best one yet. Soon this format will be on every page. No more clicking the "back" button so you can go to another section!

11.12.00: Yay! Everything in the RPG is set up now so it should be starting soon. The art work section is going to be put up too.

10.22.00: Today I am going to start on the RPG profiles, showing the characters' stats, name, moves, and stuff like that. If you want to send me a pic of your character you want in your profile you can. I may also put up an artwork section in my site sections, so you may see that in awhile too.

You all probably know that Cell appeared last week. Well I am starting to do the episode summaries again starting today, Oct. 11, 2000. As alot of you know I don't like to leave out details (ex. The summary of the first episode of the trunks saga, below). So you should enjoy them. Below is some new info of my RPG.

OK Listen up. My RPG is in the middle of a huge overhaul. I am now adding the stat system and other major components. I have found another GM (Game Master) to help me. This RPG is turn based and has a kick-ass Stat/moves system made by Vegeta5294, and edited by me (not much though, it was near perfect). Now if one person is Chibi Trunks, another person can be Teen Trunks, and another person can be Adult Trunks, etc. No one can be Vegeta, no matter what form he's in. His different forms belong to the GM's (Game Masters). And if you sign up you MUST show up at least once a week, or you are going to be removed from this RPG, unless you have a worthy excuse. If you follow these simple things, you will greatly enjoy this RPG!! Click here to go to the RPG page!

Just to let you know Android 17 and 18 appear today.(9-25-00)

FINALLY!!! MORE NEW DBZ!!! So I'll try to explain the episode that was shown Monday, 9-5-00. Krillin just broke up with Marin, who was a huge ditz. He was at the KameHouse practicing his KameHameHa. Gohan is studying, and guess what? Chi-Chi got him a tutor!! He's really mean to Gohan, and keeps talking about how his father , Goku, abandoned him, which he really didn't. Meanwhile, at the Capsule Corp. Compound Vegeta runs out of fuel and crashes. He gets out and was enraged because he didn't find Goku in Outer space. Bulma makes him take a shower. When he gets out of the shower he says, "Servent girl, get me a drying cloth!" Its pretty funny. Bulma layed out fresh clothes for him, a pink shirt and yellow pants!!! Vegeta could not believe men wore cloths such as those. Back at Gohans house, Gohan has a dream that Goku comes back, but it turns out to be frieza. The tutor woke him up because gohan almost broke his arm while he was dreaming. The tutor says something about Goku that makes Gohan really mad, so he talks back. The tutor trys to whip him but Gohan grabs the whip and snaps it in half. Chi-Chi comes in, and when the tutor says it was his worthless father that made him a fighter Chi Chi throws him out the window. A little later all the Z fighters get a huge energy reading, and guess what. Frieza Is back and with his father, KingKold! Frieza's remains floated to another planet, and they fixed him up so now he's half cyborg.