Who am I? What am I like? You'll find out on this page.

Some History: I was flipping around on the channels one day, and I landed on Cartoon Network. I saw some huge dude with black hair beating the crap out of a tall green guy. I thought this was cool, so I found out the time it was on, and started watching it. I thought it was so cool that I wanted to start a website about it, but I didn't know HTML, and the basic editors suck. So I taught myself. It wasn't that hard, and now I work extremely good with it. I started my site in October of 1999, not thinking I would get very many visitors. I put it on search engines, and within a few months more than 700 had visited. I thought that was cool, so I kept working on it. About half a year ago I cleaned up the site alot, adding a side table for links, and trying to get the page to load faster. Now I have 15,000+ hits. I'm proud of that fact.