What Dragon Ball Z is all About

Dragon Ball Z is about the never ending quest for peace in the universe. It is an anime, a Japanese animation. It an action anime, with alot of fighting. The fighting is a mixture of a variety of punches, kicks, blocks, and energy blasts which usually come out of cupped hands. Some of these energy blasts are powerful enough to destroy an entire planet! There is an interesting moves nameks can do which is uniting two bodies into one. This is called fusing. The power level of the namek increases by more than two times the origanal power. Later on in Dragon Ball GT many people can fuse together. The main characters are: Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccalo, Master Roshi, Bulma, Vegita, and Kame. Main characters in parts of the series are: King Kai, Nail, Radditz, Frieza, Guru, Chou Su, Nappa, and a couple others(I'm not sure yet). There are seven round balls that can give anyone any wish they want. These are known as the dragon balls. On earth they are the size of a palm. They only give you one wish. But on the planet Namek, the dragon balls are almost as big as a basket ball. They will give you three wishes. On Namek you have to say a password in order to wish. The password is Porunga. Vegita came to earth with Nappa after hearing there were dragon balls. he could wish for any thing he wanted. It turned out that he wanted immortality. That's why he came to earth. He will destroy anyone that gets in his path. Goku learns from King Kai the Kao Ken attack, which greatly increases the five senses and strength. Gohan is Goku's son, which had hidden powers that Piccalo brought out to make him a fighter.

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