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My Dragon Ball Z RPG

This is my DBZ RPG. Sorry, only AOL users are able to use my RPG. This particular RPG uses a stat system, more will be explained below. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to join. We will be playing in private chat room joels DBZ RPG(type it exactly like that) on Mon. Wed. Fri. and Sat. from 6:30 to 7:30 Mountain Standard Time. Remember, if your not in Mountain Standard time, be sure to come at 8:30 Eastern, or 5:30 Pacific Time. Tournaments will be on Sat. Want to join? Join by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

RPG Stat System: Note: In order to use an energy attack, you must charge three times unless otherwise noted.

    Terms Used In This System:    
Critical Hit   You roll a die, and a 1 equals a critical hit. A critical hit means the attack does double damage. (Physical attacks only) To figure out sides on the die, multiply your STR level by 2.    
HP (Hit Points)   How long your character is able to survive. To figure out HP, take 100, multiply your DEF level by 10, and add the two together.    
Ki Level   The total of all of your attribute points, hit points, and sides on the critical hit die multiplied by 2.    
Paralysis   Your opponent cannot attack until he or she uses a Paralysis Cure, Full Cure or Full Restore.    
Exhaustion   You fall asleep for 5 turns.    
Sleep   You cannot attack for the turn.    
Blindness   Your opponent cannot attack on his or her next turn.    
Flying   While you are Flying, if your opponent attacks during the turn after you began to Fly, your opponent must roll a 2-sided die. If it's a 1, that attack does nothing.    
  • Human- +10 attribute points
  • Namek- -5 attribute points, but ability to regenerate limbs, create Dragon Balls, and intelligence is multiplied by 1.5.
  • Android- +5 Str points
  • Saiya-jin- all basic abilities are multiplied by 1.2.
  • Kaio- Strength is limited to 2 attribute points, intelligence is multiplied by 3
  • Changling- Ability to change forms (like Frieza). Can have a maximum of 6 forms, you choose how many. Intelligence is multiplied by 0.9; strength is multiplied by 1.5 in form 1, by 2 in form 2, by 2.75 in form 3, by 3 in form 4, by 3.5 in form 5, and 4 in form 6. For every form after the fourth added, subtract 1 point from Agg and Blk.
  • Body Changer- Ability to switch bodies. Strength is multiplied by 1.7, intelligence is multiplied by 0.7 if you change bodies.

Distribute 100 attribute points to the following categories.

Str-Strength. Determines ability to move large objects and lift other characters.

Ref-Reflexes. Determines how quick your character responds. For every 20 points add 5 HP to yout total HP.

Def-Defenses abilities. Determines ability to defend yourself and HP (hit points).

Spd-Speed. Determines how fast your character moves. For every 25 points, subtract 2 sides from your critical hit die.

Lrn-Learn. How good your character learns techniques and raises ki level. For every 20 points add 3 points to Int.

Spc-Special. The power of special moves. For every 20 points add 5 damage to energy attacks.

Atk-Attack. The power of normal attack moves. For every 10 points add 3 damage to physical attacks.

Acy-Accuracy. Determines the chance of hitting your opponent. For every 30 pionts subtract 2 sides from your critical hit die.

Agr-Aggression. More aggressive characters tend to be stronger, whereas less aggressive characters tend to be smarter. If AGR points are below 15, add 3 INT points and subtract 1 STR point. If AGR points are between 15 and 20, add 2 INT points. If AGR points are between 20 and 30, subtract 4 INT points and add 2 STR points. For every 20 points above 30, add 1 STR point and subtract 2 INT points.

Int-Intelligence. The ability to carry out plans, etc. For every 20 points subtract 2 sides from your critical hit die.

Special Abilities

Ki: Can your character manipulate ki? If yes, subtract 5 attribute points from one or more categories of your choice.

Create Dragon Balls: Can your character create Dragon Balls? If yes, subtract 5 attribute points and 5 strength points (Nameks only).

Special Interest: Does your character have a special interest (example: war tactics, travelling, etc.)? If yes, name it and subtract 2 attribute points. A character may have two Special Interests at any one time.

Rules: Learn how to play

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