SoftMaple's 2010 litter

CH Softmaple TransAtlantic Affair CGC and CH SoftMaple's Yankee Pudel CHIC

From 2010-05-11
5/11/2010 Torrie starts having her puppies!

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3 weeks to go!

10 days to go!

Puppies expected May 16th!

Soft Maple Puppy Application

As you can see by the pedigree, this is an exciting blend of US and European bloodlines.
We are breeding for temperament, trainability, and for a curly you can live with.

Torrie had a dozen pups with her first litter. (Dog help me!) ;-) Serious inquiries are welcome!

The pups will be ready to go in July, so I am giving preference to those people who can pick up their new family member. July is not a good time to ship puppies due to the heat.

Ranger & Torrie 3/5/2010

Why are we doing this breeding?

CH Softmaple TransAtlantic Affair CGC
SR44469301 DOB: Dec 28 2006
CR-878E24M-VPI, CR-EL204M24-VPI, CR-CA345/30M/C-VPI-ECHO, CR-947N

Knicknack's Ambassador CR-776E28M-PI, CR-EL161M28-PI, CR-TH10/28M-PI, Cardiac clear by a Cardiologist And Eyes Clear by a A.C.V.O, E.C.V.O Diplomate Veterinarian 3/4/2006

Ch Dutch Ch Moselund's Jaguar JW 2001, JLux.Ch Hips A

Darelyn Knysna Knicknack HD: A1, ED: frei,

CH SoftMaple's International Fling CGC CR-EL97F26-PI, CR-640G26F-PI, CR-CA134/34F/C-PI, CR-753, CHIC 26238, GSDIIIa clear

Dutch, VDH, German Ch. Caballus Inferno JWW'98, W'98, Europasieger '99, Bundessieger'99 Hips A/A (Finland), B1 (Holland)

CH Mathel Felicitation ROM CR-CA3/38F/C CR-453G24F CERF

CH SoftMaple's Yankee Pudel CHIC
SR23711801, DOB: Jan 3 2005
CR-CA250/20F/C-PI, CR-897, CR-823G26F-PI , CR-EL174F26-PI, CHIC 38871
Torre would be assumed clear of GSD based on the absence of the GSD mutation in both parents.

Boyerie Dese Maestro Music Please CR-CA148/24M/C-PI-ECHO CR-696G24M-PI CR-750 03,04, CCR 75 CHIC

Fin CH Caballus Mafiosa Hips B Eyes clear 20.02.04

CH Boyerie's Sweet Liberty CR-CA137/65F/C-PI CR-583 98,99,00,01,03,04 CR-531G27F-T CHIC

CH Soft Maple's Gunflint Beauty CGC CR-715G28F-NOPI, CR-EL131F28-NOPI,CR-CA157/28F/P-NOPI, CR-CA157/39F/C-PI, CR-835, 05, CHIC GSD Clear by parents.

CH SoftMaple's O'Dark Thirty MH CD TT CGC HOF WCQ CR-CA177/89M/C-PI-ECHO, CR-685, CR-536G27M-T, GSDIIIa clear, CHIC# 26208 Cardiac clear 1998,

CH SoftMaple's International Fling CGC Cardiac Clear, CERF CR-640G26F-PI, CR-640G26F-PI, GSDIIIa clear, CHIC


OFA Hips GOOD, CERF Clear 2006, 2007, 2009, OFA Heart Normal Cardiologist, OFA Elbow normal, GSD Clear by Parents


OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Heart normal by Echo, Elbow Normal, CERF Normal 2008

Pregnancy Calendar for Dogs
Date:Sat 13 Mar 2010
Sire:CH Softmaple TransAtlantic Affair CGC
Dam:CH SoftMaple's Yankee Pudel CHIC
Breeder:Soft Maple Curlies
Sat 13 Mar 2010
  • First day of mating.
  • 48 hours after the first mating the bitch should be mated again. Subsequent matings occurring over a period of time enhance the chances of fertilaziton taking place.
  • The spermatozoa migrate up through the cervix.
Sun 14 Mar 2010
  • Sperm travel searching for a mature ripened eggs.
Sun 14 Mar 2010 -
Mon 15 Mar 2010
  • Spermatozoa reach the eggs in the oviducts.
Mon 15 Mar 2010 -
Tue 16 Mar 2010
  • Fertilisation occurs in the oviducts which lead from the ovaries to the uterus.
Tue 16 Mar 2010 -
Thu 18 Mar 2010
  • Fertilised eggs migrate down the oviducts and into the uterine horns.
  • The migration continue to enable even spacing of the embryos.
  • During this migration the eggs will grow into a blastocystes.
Wed 24 Mar 2010 -
Fri 26 Mar 2010
  • The blastocystes implant in the wall of the uterus.
Wed 24 Mar 2010 -
Wed 7 Apr 2010
  • The blastocystes will grow into an embryos.
  • During the next two weeks the important organs will develop.
Sat 27 Mar 2010 -
Sat 3 Apr 2010
  • Dams nipples begin to pink enlarge....Oh yea! This is Torrie!
  • The fur on the dams belly and around the nipples may become thinner.
Fri 2 Apr 2010 -
Fri 9 Apr 2010
  • Morning sickness might occur due to hormonal changes or stretching and distension of the uterus. Dam may appear a bit apathetic. She may be off her feed for a while and vomit from time to time. Nothing will put Torrie off her feed! but she was lagging on the walks all week...
  • Feeding the dam several meals spaced throughout the day might help.
  • Your veterinarian may want to prescribe a drug to relax the uterus.
Wed 7 Apr 2010 -
Sun 11 Apr 2010
  • An experienced person (a breeder or a veterinarian) can tell by careful palpation whether the dam is pregnant.
  • It's now the best time to do this because the embryos are walnut-sized now and easy to count.
Sat 10 Apr 2010
  • Start to increase the dams food ration.
  • Don't overfeed, excessive weight gain should be avoided.
  • The foetuses are now and are fully developed miniature dogs.
Fri 16 Apr 2010
  • The Dams abdomen starts to get larger...... Yep! Poor Torrie... I think everything shifted on her, since overnight she tanked out!
Mon 26 Apr 2010
  • It's very easy now to feel the puppies, counting them might be a bit more difficult.
Thu 29 Apr 2010 -
Fri 7 May 2010
  • Dam begins to spend a lot more time in self-grooming.
  • Her breasts become even more swollen.
  • She may become a bit restlessness and begin to search for a suitable place to have her puppies.
Sat 1 May 2010
  • The dam might lose her appetite during this period. Her abdomen can be crowded with puppies.
  • It is better to feed several smaller meals spaced throughout the day.
  • You can easily detect abdominal movement now.
Sat 1 May 2010 -
Sun 16 May 2010
  • Nipples and vulva should be gently cleaned with warm water, you might want to trim the hairs surrounding the nipples, to allow easier access for the puppies to suck.
Tue 11 May 2010 -
Fri 14 May 2010
  • Milky fluid may be expressed from the nipples.
Wed 12 May 2010
  • You might want to start taking the dams rectal temperature each morning and evening.
Sat 15 May 2010
  • Twelve to 24 hours before she is due to deliver, the dams rectal temperature may drop from 101 to 98 degrees.
  • Clear discharge from the vulva might occur.
Sun 16 May 2010
  • Expected date of whelp. Of course this is just an average. Whelping may take place from the 59th to the 65th day. Puppies born before the 58th day will probably be too young to survive.

Torrie and Ranger

More of the pedigree

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