Soft Maple Wind on Water ADC, VAADC, VMGDC, CGN

October Agility news from Canada:
(AAC, agility association of Canada). Soft Maple Wind on Water ADC, VAADC, VMGDC, CGN (Timmy) went to his first AAC agility trial. He qualified in Starter's Gamblers with a 4th place. He got a 3rd place in Starter's Titling run, but didn't Q.

10/19/2003 Soft Maple Wind on Water ADC, VAADC, VMGDC, CGN (Timmy) got two first places AND Q's in Starter's Gamblers. In Starters titling, Timmy got a first and a second, but no Q's.

3/28 Timmy ran a clean run 17 seconds under course time to earn his first leg in Starters Titling, and a first place in the class.

5/1/2004 Timmy earned a Qualifying run, with a first place coming in 10 seconds under course time for his second leg of his ADC (Agility Dog of Canada) title.

7/31/2004 Soft Maple Wind on Water ADC, VAADC, VMGDC, CGN At the K-9 Cliffhangers Agility Trial Timmy ran clean in Starters Titling, 2.5 seconds under course time for a second place. He earned his Agility Dog of Canada title (ADC).

12/10/2006 Timmy earns his CKC CGN Canine Good Neighbour title

1/20/2007 Soft Maple Wind on Water ADC, VAADC, VMGDC, CGN, competed at his first agility trial in 15 months, the K-9 Cliffhangers trial in Cloverdale, B.C. first run of the day he got a Q (and a 1st place) in Veteran's Advanced Titling, which was his third Q in Advanced so he earned his Veteran Advanced Agility Dog of Canada (VAADC) title!

As soon as he finished that run he and Sheila had to rush over to the other ring and run Master's Gamblers. He Q'd in that run as well, and since that was his third Master Gamblers Q, he earned his Veteran Master Gamblers Dog of Canada (VMGDC) title! Two titles in 4 minutes!!

1/21/2007 the second day of the Cliffhangers Agility Trial, Soft Maple Wind on Water ADC, VAADC, VMGDC, CGN, got a Q in Veteran Master's Titling. This was his first try at Master's level

Timmy was the top Curly Coated Retriever in Canada in the AAC for 2003.

May 2005: Timmy qualified for AAC (Agility Association of Canada) Nationals at the BC/Yukon AAC Regionals. Timmy and Sheila earned 316 points (he needed 300 to qualify) Timmy was the top Curly Coated Retriever in the AAC for 2004 with 7 legs earned.

Timmy and Sheila will be going to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in August for the AAC Nationals.

Click here to see a short video of Timmy running a Jumpers course at the November PAC Trial (scroll to bottom of page)

CH SoftMaple's O'Dark Thirty JH, SH, MH, WC, WCX, WCQ, CD CGC TT HOF
CR-536G27M-T OFA cardiac, CERF 2001
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Ch. Riverwatch DesertWind ROM CR-EL30 CR-429E24M, CERF CR-564

Ch. Karakul Trademark ROM CR-199G29M-T, CERF

BISS CH Ptarmigan Gail At Riverwatch CD WC CGC TT TDI National BOB 93,97,98,99 CR-EL10-T CR-336F28F-T, CERF CR-380 92,94,96,98

Ch. Avanti's Best Bet CGC, CD ROMX CR-CA12/56F/C CR-408E24F, CERF CR-483 95,96,99

BISS Ch. Ptarmigan Walk The Wild Side BOB 94 National CR-339G26M-T, CERF

Ch. Springolds Irish Spring CR-252G30F, CERF

CH Charwin Evensong WCX JH CGC CD
SN24115701 CR-CA22/41F/C CR-480F35F CERF CR-489 95,98,2000

Am & Can CH Pasha N Charwins's Black Jack Am & Can WC ROM BOW 91 National, AOM 96, 97 CR-220G26M CERF CR-314 90,92,93,99

CH Pasha's Raisin Kane V Wits End ROM WD 87 National CR-130

Ch Charwin-Paisley Cr Porsche, CDX,WC,ROMX,HOF,TDI RWB 84 National CR-109-T CR-124

CH Aarowag's Music of the Night,CD,WCQ,JH CR-300G25F-T RWB 91 National

Ch. Rockmeadow Deliverance,CD,WCX,JH,TT,ROM WD BOW 88 National CR-161G24M-T

Am/Mex Ch Hartfire Karakul Yaquina,CD,WCX,JH,WR,ROM,HOF CR-150G24F

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SoftMaple at the 2004 CCRCA National Specialty

Jazz (CH Softmaple Paramount All That CGC CR-CA140/23F/C) finishes her AKC Championship with three majors in 2003.

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Timmy is on the cover of the fall issue of Dog Sport Magazine.

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I am sure may conscientious, caring breeders raise litters similar to the way I do. Its is a good look into the time, money, commitment it takes to bring up a litter of pups. Some of the things that go on behind the scenes, that the eventual puppies owners (family), never realize go into the litter. Enjoy my litter as I see them. Day to day


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Seger comes into season
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Weaning. The great food fight!
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Field dog? Show Dog? CPE?
Happy Mothers Day!
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What’s In A Name?
Kids and Dogs
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